Embody Truth is not just another methodology, or pathway, it holds the foundational and fundamental steps, to the direct realisation of true self, an unchanging, undivided and unlimited experience of unity within the heart.  These realisations arise naturally as personal experiences within your own energetic body (felt sense),  transforming your sense of self, and therefore the way you perceive and experience the world bringing the whole being into a more coherent state through resonance and initiation.   Through the foundations of stillness, merged and unified with arising experience we develop the foundations of living a simple, beautiful life of grace.  Anchoring in this perception we heal out of separation and perceive the world new, unhindered by past experience or future expectations or any other sense driven by an ‘I’ (ego).   The result, an unfolding journey in grace is a life of ease, presence, playfulness, freedom and a creative engagement with life in flow.  Some of the corner stones of this work include:

  • Developing embodied, grounded, expanded and heart-centered Sovereignty – Presence
  • Develop discernment to recognise and cultivate a state of grace, which is open, receptive, curious, available, still and steady, without identity; an unconditioned mind.
  • To reclaim the power lost in the past at the causal level (yours, ancestral, past life, collective).
  • For healing
  • To differentiate,  discern, integrate and unify the divided-self back to wholeness
  • make available the experience of our emergent unique self as whole and part of an intelligent unified field totally interconnected to all life, through this unification is the realisation of Self as the source of all there is.
  • Integrate all phenomena into and emergent from Silence
  • And for the exploration of the greatest question ‘who am I?’ … exploring the nature of experience and perception, and going beyond the limits of the mind to ultimately live in your potential each moment, a place of freedom.
  • Developing alignment, and rhythm for daily practice that works for you.

Through moving our sense of self, orientation and perception to our heart space our core essence or light and integrating the light into emptiness (Silence),  an natural alchemy transforms experience, and from here we can recognise and resolve the past in our energy field. Through the journey to the heart we come to realize that we are the love we are seeking, and through developing access to a state of grace, we bring unconditional love to meet our self and to clear the memories which limit us and cause separation and suffering. The sense of self is continually transforming toward emptiness,  silence and freedom.

Once we have developed heart coherence it is time to step into life, to integrate the power centre in the belly (womb of creation).  This is the journey back out from ‘death’ and surrender, into a creative movement and engagement with ‘life’.  In reality these are not logical and linear progressions, but are attended to as material arises.  However, it is helpful to have a progression to the training.  True healing is not a separate experience from life… true healing allows us to step outside the previous comfort zone and limitations created from ego and belief and into expressing our full sovereignty as we follow the path of our heart.  This is a grounded, approach to integrating emotions, back into power… a natural arising in flow, which is available when the previous neurological programs no longer control us, and we have access to the infinite emptiness beyond form.

Each workshop includes a comprehensive study manual, of exercises, inspiration and suggested daily practices. If you are committed to this journey these books will be a powerful guide for the ongoing practice and guidance you will need when things become challenging.

Only you alone, can awaken from the dream. This series of workshops and manuals are powerful opportunities to explore individually and through a supportive group energy field the journey to awaken. Understanding energy through the felt sense is key. It is not assumed that taking a few 2 or 3 day workshops is going to be all it takes.. It requires your own self responsibility, choice and commitment to your own life through an ongoing daily practice which works for you. It may take some one-on-one support from a guide when some of your challenges arise. It is through exercising the muscle of truth that we become alive in each moment.


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Investment estimate: 2-3 days

A guide to Sovereignty through the Heart Connection:

  • Initiations through an experiential understanding of conscious awareness, dissociation, integrity and differentiation using the feltsense (somatic energy experience), through working with location, movement, flexibility, blank spots, OBE (soul loss), awareness levels, brain wave states and more.
  • Initiation for reconnecting with core essence, the light body, to transform mind state, and content back to the realization of self as light and truth and rewiring neurological pathways as a resource for healing.
  •  Our sense of self, has become divided, each time an experience isn’t able to complete….we separate out and create an adaptation when the nervous system gets overwhelmed. I call it trauma. These adapations create an idea of ‘me’, or ego. Sovereignty is a way of becoming present to this moment, by collapsing duality into unity through the heart. This integrates our sense of self back into love, our potential. Using a body centered, somatic energy approach the workshop incorporates the basics skills and understanding of Awareness, Sovereignty (who am I, and what I’m responsible for), integrity and boundaries, blank spots (a form of dissociation), soul loss, differentiation, perception/experience as well as working with embodiment of heart centered awareness (presence and stillness) toward integration of the nervous system back to wholeness. We develop awareness in the heart centre to embody and activate the light body, accessing in the deepest core the ‘knowing’ of our true selves, our core essence.  Through this activation and cultivation we are nourishing a divine seed, and encouraging the soul’s purpose to flower and unfold. In Sovereignty the nervous system is able to reintegrate the unresolved past, and return to equilibrium and balance where it can self regulate. Heart-centered sovereignty is the result, where we move from reacting to life to a state of being able to respond from an empowered and heart centered place. Aligned with our deeper truth, we find more coherence in our life between our head and heart, we can navigate life with more flow and courage. This is foundational for healing mind, body, emotions and spirit… and a foundation for the later work of trauma healing.
  • Explore consciousness awareness, particularly how you perceive and how it affects your experience and being able to differentiate and maintain sovereignty, boundaries and integrity.
  • Basic process for accessing Sovereignty using the felt sense.
  • The corner stones and qualities required for developing presence in unconditional love, discerning alignment to truth, and a state of grace.
  • Experiencing, exploring and practicing healing narratives as a method of altering perception and enhancing healing.
  • Finding our limits and transcending them for experiencing love and joy, exploring affects of sending and receiving these energies. Clearing the blocks to receiving love.
  • Gratitude Energy Process and practice; a powerful way to change your everyday experience.
  • Understanding the basic Core Essence Model of Consciousness (2 dimensional), and the Torus Model (3 dimensional), with the sacred geometry of the vector equilibrium.
  • Daily practice; a 20 minute a day practice, scientifically proven to have an affect on your happiness level after 21 days consecutive. How to make it work for you, and why.

2.  TRAUMA HEALING for Self Realisation
Investment estimate:  3 days – Prerequisite: The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart

This is a somatic, body-centered approach to healing the unresolved past through understanding and connecting with, and experiencing the feltsense. Building upon the resource of the heart, we explore the relationship between experience and perception, using the approach of  heart-centered Sovereignty, consciousness expansion, and focusing,  to clear the energetic imprints of the subconscious mind which are limiting our life.

Some explorations include:
What creates a sense of Safety
trusting yourself first to trust others
Listening to Your Body – it knows best
Connectivity & Intuition
Self Regulation & Resiliency
Cultivating Resources including daily practices
Facing Fears & Obstacles
develop inner strength, empowerment and inspiration for life.

It is through accessing our own feltsense experience in a state of grace that we can learn to integrate and therefore clear the subconscious material, and emotions which arise and are limiting our life. The origins of this material may be preconscious, ancestral or past life and the possibility is to clear material from its source at the causal layer. It is meeting the present moment in this powerful way which facilitates healing. The workshop provides a potent framework for learning how to do this. It also includes a variety of rapid trauma healing method including a way of expanding consciousness to clear traumatic past energetic imprints. Combined with the support of our own light body, we are not just healing the past, we are transforming the neurological pathways that inform our sense of self, toward the more powerful and happier place of living in the heart (coherence), where we are more aligned with a knowing of our true self as love… rather than the past experiences which have created distortions and often disconnection from that knowing. We are – remembering.

  • Understanding trauma, embodiment and what is required for healing.
  • Learn to heal traumatic subconscious material, thereby removing blocks, clearing old memories, and limiting beliefs that prevent access to improved states of consciousness, providing a cognitive shift in perception of issue, and for developing a sense of well-being.
  • Learn to recognize the basic resistance patterns and tools to overcome them.
  • Techniques to bring back aspects of consciousness which may be out of body; soul retrieval. Clearing entities from the field.
  • Understanding and experiencing non-local consciousness for healing support in self and others.
  • Healing subconscious traumatic material that is affecting relationships and reclaiming your power by becoming 100% responsible.
  • Using consciousness expansion as a way to improve sense of well-being, shift perception and heal trauma.
  • Developing pathways to combined light and healing energies for improving mind state and content as well as healing trauma, we begin deepening the practice and power toward healing through the shift to heart-centered consciousness.
  • Healing at the causal level. First step development toward healing ancestral, past life, and preconscious trauma.
  • A guide of what to do when trauma flooding occurs for crisis management, or overwhelm.

Investment estimate:  3 days – Prerequisite; Trauma Healing

In this course we are reaching a level of integration already from our previous work of essence embodiment, and trauma healing. We come to understand more deeply the nature of ego. We start to develop our connection to a deeper realization, of void…beyond the division of the mind and into the unknown, this is our dark divinity and most powerful resource.  Through an alignment with a part of ourselves which is beyond division we are more able to ‘see’ division and understand the mirror like dance, addictions, adaptations and where we split from true self; the division of ego. A key piece in this work is understanding how we are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain, (the fundamental neurology of addiction) through the work of polarities we can navigate back to integration and wholeness. By ‘knowing’ the differences and sensing the centre where they meet an alchemy happens, something new is created… in yoga the union of opposites. A new you! One which is more in equanimity and balance . . . or even empty.

  • The part that is divided, is not the one to be aligned with. Developing the right attitude to healing, and life; using powerful Healing Narratives as a way of perceiving a more expanded perception of life.
  • The light illuminates the shadow; Initiations of light energies
    ◦ Embodying your own core essence qualities
    ◦ Embodying general essence qualities
    ◦ Embodying cosmic, gaia and life force energy
  • Embody Silence
    ◦ experiences with the void; the power of ‘not knowing’ and going beyond the mind. It is through discernment and differentiation that integration arises naturally. Silence and stillness is cultivated and differentiated to our polarities.
  • Understanding and using core essence and trauma embodiment work for healing polarities; with the union of opposites toward integration (sacred geometry of vesica pisces). You will either integrate the polarities (light/shadow) creating an expanded more balanced relationship with the ups and downs of life… or potentially you can become free from them.
  • Along the way we have worked with the opposing forces, or resistance which sabotage us to stay the same; Now we include some of the more sneaky elements and complexity such as guarding traumas, ‘positive traumas’ (addiction) and ways of ‘seeing’ resistance.
  • Consciousness Unification – Learn the Triune Brain Model and experience these different intelligences and how they experience one issue differently. These intelligences, when not unified are the source of our projections. Unified they support wholeness and power.
  • Learn Conscious Unification exercises to support integration, unity and wholeness using Triune Brain Model, Trinity model and Reflection Technique.


Investment estimate: 3 days – Prerequisite – 3. Integrating the Divided Self

Are you ready to let go into the becoming of your true self, to die a thousand deaths to meet the beloved until you are deeply embedded in Divinity?  If you have made it this far you might be, and this work is designed for mature students with a level of mastery and commitment. Here you will develop your own methods to come back home.

We move beyond healing to the exploration and inquiry ‘who am I’. Through mastery we are able to clear clusters of trauma through holding the contrast and differentiation between all phenomena and Silence.  The experiencer, experience and experiencing are unified.  We integrate identity by going beyond the veil and anchoring in Silence. Here we explore the influences of family and society which develop patterns of transference and counter-transference where identity is created and  we loose connection with true self.  We explore implicit memories which shape us from the womb, birth and our infant years. These powerful forces outside of us influence us through our need to feel loved, to feel safe and to belong. We develop an identity or mask. The mask is an adaptation or coping strategy which is no longer serving you. Masks can be dissolved if we have gained enough sovereignty to fall into our true selves and if we can reinhabit our guts, womb of creation and thus our instincts.

This is the origin of life, and life force giving us the power required to be in our truth and share it with the world.  Rather than trying to manipulate and survive, we hold steady within our coherent vibration and magnetise… the birthplace of Magic.   Embodying the womb space is fundamental to becoming and presence and thus to clearing our identities (adaptations). Instincts arise in the moment, and are not subject to interpretation or meaning. Instincts are NOW! This is where we stand in our own truth, without concern for how others are perceiving us, we stand in our power. Integrated into the heart, we have courage (heart rage).  We move more into developing access to ‘eternal self’, the fundamental changeless reality which lies in the center of the heart available through the portal of Silence. Our sovereignty now supports an alignment and willingness to drop identities and come more deeply into alignment with divine purpose, and of course freedom. Instead of working with trauma based on past memory/event, we can, through accessing feltsense energy, clear clusters of neurological pathways that are coalesced into identity structures. Free from identity we land in our true self, filled with potential, and flowing from freedom.

5. LIFE, FLOW, the ‘feminine’ core

offered by request

Perhaps our deepest issue is our own abandonment of self.  In this work we will explore the core of our being, learn direct perception from the belly and return to our natural instincts.  From this alignment, beyond the mind and its bypass, we can step forward unshakably; to grow, expand, adventure into our fullest expression of heaven on earth.This is a lot about living it, by stepping outside the known.   It is  our action which creates movement, and in combination and integration with stillness we arrive in FLOW, a unique expression of the One Divinity.  The emerged, emerging and the emergent are one.

In this workshop we focus on embodying the power of nature, the feminine power. It lives in our sex and our belly, and rises from the earth. It comes through embodying our rage, where an alchemy turns into the gold of courage (heart rage), and passion. In our deepest vulnerability lives our power. We are no longer seeking… This power arrives without agenda, and requires us to own our sexuality the creative force of life, and to be incorruptible. This power comes from being life fully, from innocence and not knowing, from willingness and embracing life, the power rises through our vulnerability where we find a genuine need, through need comes magnetism and through no-mind (not knowing) comes flow. We are moved to speak from this wholeness, to respond to life’s call, to participate fully and be our unique expression. We have arrived. There is no separate ‘I’, creating division here. There is no separate me looking for my purpose. My Soul’s purpose is the one, expressing from the divine, its uniqueness… moment by moment, unfolding, and flowing. There is pure response in response to life, one force,  and we are magnetizing from the embodied vibration we are living in. We can maintain that vibration and not get polarized by thought, idea and concept.

This work supports the integration of Love/Heart and Power/belly… heaven on earth. One.

7. SELF INQUIRY as a method for Self Realization

Offered by request

At some point, our practice and healing have us arrive in a level of embodiment, filled with choice and integration of our hearts, mind and belly; three in one.  Our sense of self is open, curious and sincere about the unfolding path that life is offering, and a playfulness to creatively engage in this spontaneous flow.  Self Inquiry is not a mental process, rather an embodiment of  sincere, divine questions or inquiries, leading us to an alchemical experience within ourselves, and also a powerful manifestation in the world outside.  These are not questions looking for answers as a way of being, this is a deep state of being the question, living it, so that its vibration guides your life.


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