Authentic relating as a path to awakening. I find it wonderfully transformational, if I get to notice through a direct experience of it, how the subconscious mind (the body) responds to what I am speaking. It’s also equally important for me to notice what is being heard in my inner experience, when I am listening to someone.

The power of the subconscious mind

I find authentic relating requires a deeper subconscious level of information. For example, when I hear a story I am also formulating another story within me (what I think I heard).   If I am not noticing the subconscious material, then I am actually listening through a filtering system (perception).  It’s not possible for me to hear the truth, this way.  How I perceive is being filtered through what I already know. How I perceive therefore is  limiting my ability to take in new information, and find new meaning.

When I am present I become aware of past unresolved experiences, unexpressed emotions, beliefs and concepts, available in the felt sense. I always find an attachment to a position, which prevents me speaking truth and intimacy.   In this way if I am the listener in the conversation, or the story teller I am engaged in creating a reality which