What if we could penetrate the veils of our usual beliefs and fixations about what we know, veils that make everything appear,  well how we think they should be.  We all grow up believing that we see the universe as it actually is; we do not suspect that our perception is largely determined by our accumulated beliefs, feelings, past knowledge, and conditioning. How the universe actually is and how it really functions is hidden from our perception. We need to penetrate what is familiar or known,  and open ourselves to the unknown, to the mystery. Then, when we drop into the mystery of the universe in a fresh way, it can be possible to see that the way it functions is exquisite.

Our perception is influenced and shaped by a sense of a separate self, which is created from past experiences which are not fully integrated into the nervous system, hence creating more division.  I call this integration through the heart, and back into the nervous system a ‘return to love’, so any experiences which are not love create a sense of a separate self.  The divided self (ego) is in reaction to life, and the most common elements of that reaction are conflict, escape, and being stuck… the fight, flight or freeze response of trauma.  Inherent in these reactions is a misguided pull toward feeling good and away from feeling bad; the foundational neurology of addiction.  Yet there is a feeling ‘good’ place which is beyond the polarity of addiction and therefore not in avoidance to feeling bad.  There is a deeper truth where we feel a light sense of well-being, our true nature, a deep peace and contentment from a Self which is no longer in separation.  This includes the feelings of self worth, and belonging which seem to be unavailable to the experience of the divided ego.

As above, so below, as within so without.
Perception is intricately interwoven with creation and experience.  We see what we already kno