What if we could penetrate the veils of our usual beliefs and fixations about what we know, veils that make everything appear,  well how we think they should be.  We all grow up believing that we see the universe as it actually is; we do not suspect that our perception is largely determined by our accumulated beliefs, feelings, past knowledge, and conditioning. How the universe actually is and how it really functions is hidden from our perception. We need to penetrate what is familiar or known,  and open ourselves to the unknown, to the mystery. Then, when we drop into the mystery of the universe in a fresh way, it can be possible to see that the way it functions is exquisite.

Our perception is influenced and shaped by a sense of a separate self, which is created from past experiences which are not fully integrated into the nervous system, hence creating more division.  I call this integration through the heart, and back into the nervous system a ‘return to love’, so any experiences which are not love create a sense of a separate self.  The divided self (ego) is in reaction to life, and the most common elements of that reaction are conflict, escape, and being stuck… the fight, flight or freeze response of trauma.  Inherent in these reactions is a misguided pull toward feeling good and away from feeling bad; the foundational neurology of addiction.  Yet there is a feeling ‘good’ place which is beyond the polarity of addiction and therefore not in avoidance to feeling bad.  There is a deeper truth where we feel a light sense of well-being, our true nature, a deep peace and contentment from a Self which is no longer in separation.  This includes the feelings of self worth, and belonging which seem to be unavailable to the experience of the divided ego.

As above, so below, as within so without.
Perception is intricately interwoven with creation and experience.  We see what we already know, we are looking for patterns of recognition.  So we can easily get stuck in creating a repeating story.  What is required is a deeper state of consciousness which is beyond our normal way of perceiving, a way to see which is connected to a deeper truth.  A truth beyond the story, beyond the ego or divided self. From a quantum perspective we are entangled into the fabric of experience, being shaped by it and creating it.  If you look at the energetic model of a torus energy system, the human energy field,  you can get a sense that our inside experience affects the outside… and that what is happening out there,  affects us in here.  The divided self has an observer, separate and observing the subject.  It is possible to collapse the duality into a unity, into just experience experiencing itself.   In other words,  what I am saying is that you cannot know this as you are truly part of the mystery not separate from it and therefore there is no one to ‘know’…   However,  you can have a direct experience of different ways of perception,  and direct perception or seeing without filters, until your neurological super highway is repatterned to the place where the deeper reality becomes part of your normal perception.  You could become ’empty’ of the past ideas, story, beliefs etc.

With Embody Truth the model of consciousness I am using is a two dimensional version of the torus.  This model helps us understand, and guides us to have direct experiences which can help expand our way of perceiving.  It has been my experience with most people that I work with that conscious awareness, which is what we perceive from/through, is often resident in the head, it might be the size of a golf ball, a tennis ball, or even a pumpkin or bigger.  It might be centered in the third eye or anywhere else, it might even be outside the body.  Either way it is a good idea to recognize that what we are perceiving from is not whole and what we are seeing is therefore a limited version of reality and very limited version that we are creating.

The location, size and resolution of conscious awareness is key in what we perceive, and therefore key in what we create in life.
We have the potential  to perceive the world through our whole body the subconscious mind.  This way our body is a gateway to deeper realms and untold universes.  The more we develop our sense perception, improving its resolution, the more we can perceive and experience and the less we are engaged with our limited, separate, traumatized self .    When perception and experience become one thing we can ‘be life’  and live  in the mystery, instead of being separate from it, or in relationship to it.   In this place time collapses and we enter the flow of life in the eternal ‘now’.  We are free.   When we see from just a small head centered awareness we are seeing through a limited idea of who we are, and therefore creating separation and drama with the outside world and seeing it reflected back in our reality.

Expanding our conscious awareness is foundational in healing, and transforming our life experience.
When we expand our conscious awareness to the whole body, we make the subconscious conscious.  Expansion and depth become synonymous.   We are operating with a lot more information and perceiving from a different place.  We are a point in the center, but there is no circumference.  We are accessing different realms of existence and can sense ourselves as the drop and the ocean and can bridge the gap between a sense of self as separate to a unique expression of the whole… as divine.   We can become one with ‘life’… experience experiencing itself.

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