Ubud, Bali – The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart 1-10th July 2014

When we move Awareness to the Heart, we literally transform our life, our relationships and the way we perceive the world. Begin or continue the journey to discover ‘who you are’! When we move our Awareness to our belly/womb we connect with the force of nature herself, the divine feminine, where we can rest and be and all that is required becomes manifest to support us. When we become whole we integrate love and power to serve the world through our minds where the full alignment of ‘thoughts, words and actions’ is the completion of the soul’s journey into the human form.   When we speak or act from this place we have the support of the whole Universe:  Indeed  Heaven on Earth. Bali for me is a magical place where the feminine energy is strong, and manifestation and magical synchronicity abounds.  What better place to do this exploration together, within our  own beings and out there… in Ubud. Join me for 10 magical days on a ‘do it yourself retreat’.  Half [...]

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Understanding Overwhelm, and reclaiming your power through the guidance of your soul.Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Stop, breathe, connect to yourself... becoming busy to avoid this is only going to make it worse; your soul is calling, it has something to tell you, and you are not listening.... The glamorization of busy is an epidemic in our modern world. Overwhelm is inherently a lack of integration in our nervous system. The cause is likely to be a blend of unresolved past experiences, trauma, something you are not attending to because you haven’t felt all the feelings that would integrate the nervous system. You are stuck unwilling to take a step and make a change. You are also disconnected from your soul. The material behind overwhelm is something your soul is calling you to attend to. Unattended, it runs, or ruins, your life. Integrated it reconnects you to your soul’s purpose and a state of well-being. Overwhelm is an opportunity! Most people, who feel overwhelmed, tend to keep going, keep pushing, they get busier until… they can’t. With overwhelm, it is like the list of things to [...]

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Empathic Awareness – gift or curse? How to become a master of it. A few beginning steps you can try.

Everyone is empathic, some overly so, and others are not even aware of it. It is a matter of degree. There are many articles written on the traits of an empath, however, I have yet to find one that shows how to transform these traits into a powerful gift. Being empathic means we are aware of subconscious, and unconscious information and often neurologically wired to use that awareness to create safety. I have met and worked with many empaths.  Many empaths end up as healers, as did I (for a time).   I am also an empath who has been on my own profound journey with both the challenges and gifts that this experience provides. Often I hear from empaths that they feel 'other people's stuff'.  It sure can seem that way.  However as we do our own inner work, of reclaiming ourselves and discerning what we are responsible, we may come to find out that what we are feeling in our system, is not actually anyone elses stuff, rather [...]

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Pain, perception and potential

Pain is transmitting a message of danger.  It's really here to protect you.  However, it may not actually be 'real', or rather it may not be related specifically to just the biology of what is happening right now. The biology is transmitting a message to the brain for evaluation, this happens really quickly, and if anything similar has happened before the information of the past is included to evaluate the possible danger in the present.  This means that pain is actually also about meaning, and thus the intensity of  the pain you feel can be directly related to past experiences.    If we can access the pain through a different perceptual reality, not connected to past experience, or heal the past experience, we may be able to find the gift of pain.  The piece that can let you reclaim your soul back from the past.  Herein lies a a lot of potential... and some of the potential maybe to heal the pain completely. An attitude of openness, 'not knowing' and [...]

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Empathic awareness: helpful hints to mastery as a guide to reclaiming your power

Everyone is empathic to one degree or another. I am focusing on those who are challenged by it, either by being overwhelmed, or drained.  Being empathic generally means we are sensing and feeling other people's pain (emotional, mental, physical). However, what most people don't realize is that their pain is resonating with our own unresolved pain inside us.  There is an energetic resonance between our own hidden pain, that is hooking us up to the pain of the person we are empathically aware of. This situation is a kind of neurological wiring which is based on situations when we have not been able to stay present when something painful happened; emotionally, physically or mentally.  Either that or perhaps as small children, a parent isn't supportive when you are in pain, or perhaps they are not willing to hear your expression of it.   There is a lack of presence, yours, or your parents when you were very young.  Instead of feeling and expressing what is going on, we are 'taught' to [...]

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Healing Trauma

HEALING TRAUMA Healing is wholeness.  Wholeness is a full realization of who you are.  The fastest way to heal is to become the embodiment of your true self, through moving awareness into the heart.  This is where we find light, love, joy, peace, gratitude, wisdom… the heart ‘knows’.  It is through cultivating this connection as a resource that we can orient ourselves to the trajectory of our soul’s purpose, the life we came here for.  This empowers our journey to healing in a profound way. Along the heart connection journey many things can arise, these I call trauma.  Basically they are un-integrated parts of our self which became lost when love was not present, and/or the nervous system got overwhelmed from a traumatic experience.  The origin of these experiences are contained within our feltsense energy, our soul, and the source of them may be our own life, or can be past down through our ancestors, from past lives, and are often from conception, womb, birth experiences [...]

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Core Essence

CORE ESSENCE What you’re seeking, is seeking you… Rumi Our true nature is already here within us, patiently waiting for us to connect with it, unfold into it and then live and express it. You can access your core essence through your own heart, and the elements you might find include, love, joy, peace, wisdom, compassion, playfulness, connection, creativity, innocence, and light. For most people it is easy to be guided and then learn to access this part of themselves any time they want. This process can have a powerful and life changing affect for many people, yet for a few, it may connect them with subconscious traumatic material which is in the way of the experience, and also in the way of being able to give and receive love easily. In this case the focus moves to healing the subconscious blocks to experiencing your core essence, this may require a variety of process all provided within the training courses, or through healing sessions and practices.  [...]

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