When most of us listen we are actually hearing words through the filter of our mind. Even reading this blog is subjected to this filtering.

The mind holds a position, and has an agenda, and it’s trying to fit what it hears into what it already knows so it can get what it wants. It may take a position; for or against, it may be trying to understand in the context of what it already believes. The mind is like a gatekeeper holding onto its ideas and only letting in what it wants, adjusting its understanding, and excluding a whole lot of information. It is trying to maintain a sense of self, an existence, or an ego along with all the stories it has attached to that concept. It is trying to ‘be’ and in so doing is creating a split; an experience of separation, an identity, or a separate little ‘me’. It may even be projecting what it doesn’t like and can’t accept onto others in an effort to hold on to itself.   It wants you to be safe, to be loved and to belong… and it thinks it knows how to do that… even if it requires you to compromise your own truth. The mind cannot succeed with this.

Truth is non-dual

The mind is always in two-ness (duality)… where it is in reaction to something separate from it; this is never serving truth. Truth knows itself beyond existence, in pure potential. Basically the mind is full of lies.

The mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master – Osho

Ultimately everything we know (think and believe) is limiting us. It is limiting our ability to hear, to feel, and to grow and transform into our truest self… our full potential.

 In this separation we are creating suffering.

Truly listening is to hear with your whole body and soul, to remember and to recognize all of you and to respond to life from you.

Through becoming aware of the feltsense of the whole body, and listening from there, we can become conscious of a lot more information. Through feeling the whole body, and moving awareness to our heart, we can listen and sense with the ‘eyes of love’. This is not about hearing words and finding meaning, it is about feeling senses, energy, and noticing vibration and resonance.

The heart after all is about love, connection and unity.

The mind is aligned with a