Memory – true or false? – or lessons locked in time

New Paradigm As we open into this new paradigm of a holographic universe, and a world of energy… our perception shifts beyond the world of form, into a more holistic view of an interconnected universe.  Here we can understand more about memory as lessons locked in time, and the journey beyond time, into no time, where we find freedom, interconnection, and magic even.  Here we transcend and embody the lessons of the soul to remember who we are and why we came. As I have explored deeply my inner world I have come to new understandings about memory and particularly how memory is locked in time and entwined with a sense of self (an identification and attachment) and that both shape each other.   In other words, our memory shapes who we think we are, and who we think we are shapes our memory. Attaching to this ‘idea’ of ourselves is the work of our survival instincts, an existential paradox of sorts mistakenly efforting to keep our ego idea alive. Life, [...]

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Can you hear the Truth?

When most of us listen we are actually hearing words through the filter of our mind. Even reading this blog is subjected to this filtering. The mind holds a position, and has an agenda, and it’s trying to fit what it hears into what it already knows so it can get what it wants. It may take a position; for or against, it may be trying to understand in the context of what it already believes. The mind is like a gatekeeper holding onto its ideas and only letting in what it wants, adjusting its understanding, and excluding a whole lot of information. It is trying to maintain a sense of self, an existence, or an ego along with all the stories it has attached to that concept. It is trying to ‘be’ and in so doing is creating a split; an experience of separation, an identity, or a separate little ‘me’. It may even be projecting what it doesn’t like and can’t accept onto others in an effort to [...]

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