Cultivating Grace

Cultivating Grace  is an monthly online subscription, an invitation for those who have either worked with me one on one over the period of a year, or attended at least the first workshop (The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart) or the equivalent Online Program – Soul Ignition. These programs establish the foundational requirements for our future work.    The intention of this program

  • to continually expand sovereignty and conscious awareness to extend the capacity and resilience of the current system.
  • is to establish the qualities of autonomy and mastery within your own dynamic daily practice and life.
  • is to provide theory, maps, inspiration and practises which support direct experiences of healing and alchemy toward becoming an embodied and coherent version of your true self… within the context of a dynamic living life workshop.
  • to heal and explore relationship with Self, through relationships with others.  Using your current relational dynamics as fodder for reclaiming power and projections, removing blocks, and realising the gifts inherent within relationship.
  • diad work with speaking truth… a practice of living sovereignty and healing through speaking truth, truly listening, and clearing shame (trauma, and identity)  in the process.
  • to heal and explore relationships with money and sexuality.
  • to create health, wellness and wholeness; working with physical body 
  • to master physicality, by discernment and integration of elements/organs, etc within the body to establish their unique function.  To include them in a relational way with each other, and within the whole system. Establishing a two way communication system between mind/body.
  • to develop an ongoing supportive daily practise inspired by healing and the integration of your unique self and divine self,
  • to empower conscious creation in the world… your soul purpose.
  • to integrate division through the exploration and subsequent alchemy available by exploring polarities,  the relationship between perception, experience and stillness,  unification  through identity work, exploring all phenomena in consciousness,
  • contrasting and comparing ‘parts’ to the ‘whole’..(expansion and inclusion, with differentiation) to support alchemy and unification
  • to explore the subtle levels and assemblage of identity or sense of self, toward clearing vision channels to support clear seeing.
  • to cultivate a state of grace is a moment by moment practise engaged fully in life, of embodying the primordial stillness (the absolute) to remove (integrate) the filters of perception and express the divine light coming through you as your unique Self.

The program will begin with small steps from basics and foundational work  available through  The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart  and Trauma Healing workshops, and continues beyond these fundamentals into the exploration of the relationship between perception and experience,  working with polarity for integration, as well as identity (the sense of self) for integrating aspects of ourself which have become divided.  The possibilities are vast.  Using stillness as the doorway into the mystery, we will  cultivate  a connection and  embodiment of ‘the absolute’ as a living dynamic experience of Self.

The program uses a Secret Facebook group offering training material, diagrams, theory through video, facebook live, live session work, live session reviews, with members, practices along with relevant and inspirational articles.  It provides a feedback feedforward loop for sharing which is tailored specifically to your present and unfolding needs. The group meets live, monthly. The rest of the time it is self-paced.