There were many key events and mile stones which led to the formation of Embody Truth in 2012. One of these key events was my awakening experience in 1991 and the profound journey which followed that.

Foundational to all the work within Embody Truth, is the practice of Sovereignty   Sovereignty is  both a ‘state’ and a process.  Sovereignty is a self referral process which establishes a safe container.  From safety it serves by upgrading and integrating your whole  body/mind system from the inside out.  Sovereignty enables healing at the causal level, it’s about integration and unification.. a return to wholeness.  Sovereignty enables  a  natural and alchemical transmutation of unconscious material back to original Self.   Self in this context is an ongoing dynamic engagement through the present moment with the whole field (Oneness) and the elements which arise within it. One of those elements, often hidden, is the Perceiver.   The basic practice and skill of surrender, through opening and allowing supports the unconscious material to reveal itself.  There is a natural alchemical force which unifies us back to wholeness.  The  felt sense exploration of  experience, perception (sense of self) with contrast to  Stillness supports that alchemy. I refer to these three aspects, as a triangulation, and I call it the Trinity.

The doorway of self referral is through the felt sense in the present moment.  This felt sense experience was well described by Eugene Gendlin.

A paradigm shift

My personal journey challenged most of the methods of trauma healing and spirituality which I explored.  I found generally, that most dualistic options are hampered by an endeavour to fit into an outdated and old paradigm model. A complete shift in paradigm is necessary for the possibility of full healing and the eternal becoming of true self.   Complete healing, is an embodied unique essence (a singularity) anchored within its centre and thus expressing in and from a unified embodied wholeness. This is the Spiritual quest within the unanswerable question ‘who am I?’.   What becomes available is an engaged and creative aliveness infused with a sense of well-being, along with a natural ability to express  uniquely as a gift into the world.

The synergy between trauma and spirituality

Trauma healing is the work of integrating timelines, or memories into the eternal and ever present now. This  recalibrate the nervous system closer to the centre, and original Self. It’s an ongoing process of peeling back the layers of false selves to reveal the jewel. Combined with the exploration of stillness, it serves to reunite heal more rapidly and reunite us with our source. This rewires our neurology and changes our behaviours, putting us back in touch with our power, and providing more possibilities and ch