Embody Truth is an evolutionary process culminated through over 25 years of inner journeys, originating from my own spiritual emergence in 1991 and the subsequent journey I was propelled into, through the dark nights to healing and self realisation, and toward a full embodiment of the soul.

My first initiation in the experience of my emergence was a deep, profound awakening into emptiness… a primordial stillness which has now become my anchor and fundamental to the method and journey of discovery in my own process as well as what I share with others.  Rather than live in bliss, as a result of this awakening,  I was propelled into the opposite polarity and the journey of the  ‘wounded healer’ to experience everything which was revealed as separate from that primordial  emptiness.  There were incredible  challenges to integrate (developmental trauma), which manifested in a lot of illness over many years.  This journey has shaped this work, and required a depth that seemed unprecedented and unavailable in the world today.  As I healed what was considered unhealable in both mainstream and alternative circles I came to understand the limitations of the human psyche and from an empty mind, I came to hear more and more clearly the call of my soul for this new way needing to birth into our consciousness as a gift to all.   Through these initiations and the direct experience of both ecstatic states and dark traumatic states of consciousness… the path of unity revealed itself, as did a fundamental understanding of the pieces of greatest import along the way.  It has been my passion to highlight these stepping stones as a way to support others who commit to the full potential within this  amazing gift called life.

Alongside my inner journeys I am an avid researcher, exploring science, physics, biology, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, immunology, trauma, developmental trauma, sacred geometry, yoga, spirituality, ancient history/civilizations, diet, exercise, breath work, shamanic work,  and other wisdom traditions… all with the question ‘who am I… and why am I here?’  It has been wonderful to find affirmations in many places, and  where appropriate weave these valuable insights and colours into my programs giving value through alternate windows into the indescribable fabric of reality.

Life through living is the teacher     

Our heart provides the map… the present moment is the doorway into a whole new way unknown and unknowable.

Embody Truth is a dynamic and integrative meditation practice for self realisation, healing and embodiment on all levels from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; no disturbance in the system on any level is separate from all others; we are one system, one being interconnected with all life, beyond time, and we have been given the blue print to thrive as an embodiment of heaven and earth.  How we show up affects the whole world we live in.

I invite you to join me on this sacred journey of discovery to the core of your heart. Leanora