Life itself is the teacher. Learn to find your inner guru and upgrade your system through direct experience of the unified field of awareness.

I am in a process of moving out of the formal training programs, to an online format.  This  better suits and supports the integration of the work and practices into daily life.  Life and our practice becomes our teacher, and doing the work of Heart Centred Sovereignty (previously the Sacred Alchemy of the Heart), naturally leads us to uncovering the subconscious material which is blocking our path.  Whatever we find, we learn to become Sovereign and present to it. We move from fragmented wounded and false selves through integration and unification of unresolved, traumatic and subconscious material back to its deepest origin, at the causal layer.

LOVE is the way, and the destination.

I no longer teach in a formal linear fashion, rather I am open to group invitation, and will cover the material which is being called through from presence, within the group vibration and unified field.  Using empathic awareness and intuition it is like listening deeply to the soul’s call.  This is a more powerful, engaged, and alive transmission of what each person in particular is needing to experience directly.

How we learn

Rather than learning content in a linear and mental fashion, we learn through direct experiences of the unified field, in the present moment.  Through Sovereignty. The work is vast and there are many initiations, and the relevant practices which support them. Wherever you find yourself on your journey, my aim is to meet you there.  When your system is ready to traverse deeper down the rabbit hole, into the mystery, the MAPs and these processes will support you.  Life is the teacher, and the guru lives within your heart.

When the system is ready, this endeavour takes you beyond self realisation into a ‘final’ piece,  to embody spirit (The Absolute) fully, to stop assembling into ego positions and separation.  To return to the Singularity (the Monad) to become your own unique expression of divinity in each moment.

Learning challenges and opportunities

Your understanding of this material is always changing, as the position we take, and past experiences tend to cloud our ability to perceive clearly. We must recognise that ‘information’ is hidden from us.  Once your mastery is available you will discover the way to clear the visual channels of perception.  These filters are shaped from unresolved trauma and disconnect from true Self. This is part of  a survival instinct operated by the Autonomic Nervous System and  enmeshed with self awareness and a sense of self.  We loose conscious connection from overwhelm and thus operate unconsciously. Our filters are also shaped by preconscious and ancestral trauma (unknown to you).

Advanced explorations through alignment and commitment

Through polarity  and identity work we can transmute identity and attachments to positions, and arrive in flow through direct experiences of ‘no-self’… beyond ‘I’ and beyond  ‘AM’.  At this place we are mastering physicality (and can heal disease in the body).  Fundamental and foundational to the work is the exploration of relativity (birthed in time) between experience (feminine), experiencer (masculine)  and stillness (the absolute).  This serves to heal traumatic subconscious material, clear perception, and unify as back to our deepest origin (the Absolute), where through sacred union, the divine child (you) is birthed.

My gift to you – maps for navigation – dynamic guidance system




As someone who has traversed the mystery extensively the foundational tool I offer is a MAP(s)  of the terrain.  These maps incorporate a unified field theory, with and within the paradox of existence and relativity.  There are many sub maps to support your explorations and transformation.   It is my intention is to provide these maps to you in a variety of ways within my programs.


Please consider signing up to my youtube channel (here) for ongoing releases and more content on these models and  MAPs (coming soon).


Previous Workshop programs included:

There are extensive manuals, diagrams and meditation support guidance through all this material.  It is vast!

  1. Sacred Alchemy of the Heart (now Online Program; Heart Centred Sovereignty. See more info
  2. Trauma Healing, (prerequisite 1.) for those wishing to deepen their healing ability
  3. Integrating the divided self; polarity and identity work (prerequisite 1 & 2)
  4. Cultivating Grace (prerequisite 1)…. this is an ongoing online group which covers all materials based on the ongoing support needs of the group.  See more info

Please note that for some people severely traumatised, it is more appropriate to work one on one if your system is overwhelmed, even though the content in both 1 and 2 can support you fully. When we are in trauma reactivity and  overwhelm we are unable to take in information and may need direct support.   There are a variety of methods in this situation like breath work and the guidance of a trained and stable mentor is often required to help us return the nervous system to a stable and safe place.

Please contact me if you would like to support organising a workshop/retreat on this content at your location, to discuss possibilities (