Currently there are no Training Courses scheduled. If you would like to schedule or be involved in organising a Training Course , please be in touch.

Mystery School journeys to the South of France; In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene 22nd June – 1st July 2018, and A Pilgrimage to the Black Madonna 3-13th July 2018.  More info here.

Self Retreats in Ubud, Bali available between April – 15th June 2018 and August through October 2018.  Self Retreats are self organised with support.  Ubud has much to offer including yoga, massage, ozone, green juice detox, spas, infrared sauna, and of course Session work with Leanora.  Depending on your needs, you would be engaged in 3x per week session work to integrate, heal and initiate what is required by you at this time.  Please organise a Skype call to discuss possibilities.

Sessions from your home… via Skype.