Healing Trauma


Healing is wholeness.  Wholeness is a full realization of who you are.  The fastest way to heal is to become the embodiment of your true self, through moving awareness into the heart.  This is where we find light, love, joy, peace, gratitude, wisdom… the heart ‘knows’.  It is through cultivating this connection as a resource that we can orient ourselves to the trajectory of our soul’s purpose, the life we came here for.  This empowers our journey to healing in a profound way. Along the heart connection journey many things can arise, these I call trauma.  Basically they are un-integrated parts of our self which became lost when love was not present, and/or the nervous system got overwhelmed from a traumatic experience.  The origin of these experiences are contained within our feltsense energy, our soul, and the source of them may be our own life, or can be past down through our ancestors, from past lives, and are often from conception, womb, birth experiences in this life.
The subconscious mind holds energetic imprints of unresolved past experiences.  By bringing these experiences into conscious awareness, through a somatic embodiment process, they can reintegrate back into our nervous system, and expand our sense of self and what is possible.  This removes limited beliefs and unexpressed emotional material from our self concept.  As such who we are expands, more becomes possible and we are able to move from reacting to life, to what I call Sovereignty… the ability to respond to life from an embodied, connected heart-centered presence.

To reintegrate past experiences of either the light or dark (traumatic material) back into ourselves, we connect through the heart, and experience embodiment.  Embodiment is the reintegration of the past into the present. Embodiment is moving out of duality, where an observer observes and experience, into a unification where the experience and the observer become one.   Owning our experiences in this way allows us to become all that we are in the present moment.  Ultimately, in addition to cultivating a connection to the light in our hearts, we are developing a deeper connection to where healing happens very easily.  This is a connection with void, or emptiness, the un-manifest, where new creations are possible.  For those who have been meditating for a while you may already know this place.  This is a powerful place for healing and ultimately for living a life of freedom.

These unresolved past experiences (trauma) contained in the subconscious mind are like an incomplete process, or frozen moment from the past.  Informing our self concept powerfully they can thwart any effort to live a full and joyful life by filtering how we perceive and therefore how we experience the world. Trauma can affect our energetic vibration, unnoticed, and magnetize repeating experiences toward us in an effort to be ‘seen’, and made conscious. Trauma creates adaptations to our sense of self, likely causing, shame, fear and guilt or a sense of unworthiness.  We even become attached to these adaptations and hold onto them from a sense of comfort in the known, identifying our self through them.    Often these imprints can be partly held in place with emotional content, which at the time may have been too overwhelming for us to remain present and connected in. I call these trauma imprints and they can be created from shock, physical, spiritual or emotional causes where the nervous system was overwhelmed. I call anything that limits the full expression of our true nature, trauma.

The unresovled past can trigger us, even when there is no ‘real’ danger, in the current moment. Our ego is created from a limited idea of self, which is a set of neurological pathways created partly from  past unresolved experience. A habitual response to life, focused on survival.   Our attachment to this limited sense of self (ego)  feels threatened when the present moment triggers a past experience and our response to life is derived from the foundations of fight (avoidance), flight (conflict) or freeze (stuck/indecisive).   The ego is always trying to ‘exist’ (survive), though it is purely an illusory idea of who we are, and the trigger could be felt equivalent to the idea ‘I will die’. The ego is about separation, and you could say that separation is the only trauma. Trauma in the positive sense provides an opportunity for expanding our sense of self to something beyond our ego limitation; an opportunity for growth, expansion and wholeness.

Trauma can sometimes be severe enough that we have an Out of Body Experience (OBE), soul loss, and in some situations don’t fully return. Most people today hold some level of dissociation.   Our body may also have blank spots (places where we cannot make a conscious connection) as a result of trauma, places in the body where it doesn’t fully inhabit.  This affects our perception.   The result are neurological patterns that are based on avoidance, like the flight response. We may feel abandoned and look to the people in our lives to find wholeness, living perhaps unconsciously with a fear of abandonment, not realizing that we are only ever abandoning ourselves, and that the very act of looking outside is the same as giving our power away. These types of situations can affect our health on a physical level, creating dis-ease or a compromised immune system.

Even though a trauma may have happened long ago, even before birth, we can access the energy of it right now in this moment. In fact it is usually something that is upsetting in life right now, which has its roots in the past.

Embody Truth provides powerful tools and process to clear trauma, resolve the neurology that holds it in place, and uses advanced trauma healing method to access this energy and clear the imprint from your system at its source. Using a non-dual approach we collapse the duality of perceiver and experience… it is here we find a deeper aspect of self, and where trauma collapses.  It is through cultivating access to our true self (undivided), where trauma has no place to live, and is no longer required.  Instead we respond authentically. This is more powerful than common meditation or mindfulness method where there is a witness separate from what is being witnessed.  Using this approach transforms our sense of self, and  transforms our state of consciousness toward one which recognizes the mystical, that we are inherently ‘one’ with all life.  The whole universe is conscious and we are making what is subconscious conscious.  While there is an element of grace involved in all healing, the affect of this work can be a complete healing of the issue and cognitive shift in your relationship to your issue, your self, the world at large and therefore life itself.  It is very much about total forgiveness as no imprint of the situation remains.

Positively perceived, trauma is actually a gift. It provides us an opportunity to reclaim a part of ourselves, which is preventing us from living our fullest expression of life. This gift is always there, patiently waiting for us to reclaim it, so that we can return to a state of love, grace and wholeness with the divine. With this understanding we have an invitation to transform our whole relationship with life.  This is our soul’s purpose, to become our fullest potential.

The journey of healing is much about being able to discern truth from lies, to do this we must go beyond the mind.  The mind has created an infinite number of energy structures and stories which affect our sense of self, and have us end up attached to an idea of who we are.  The journey to heal requires a shift in and alignment with our heart, a journey being open to truth and willing to be here to see it.  As we move our consciousness to the heart we can connect with a power beyond the mind; the light of our soul,  and here we can cultivate, through the language of energy, access to truth, love, and our authentic self.  As we continue through the journey we are called to integrate our mind and body, heaven and earth… to become aware of our self again as nature, the divine intelligence in form, a quality of beingness where movement arises from instinct to dance with the stillness of the mind.

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