Heart Centred Sovereignty

Heart centred Sovereignty is both a process  and a state of consciousness.  It forms a basis and foundation for the practice of healing and cultivating access to your true self.  The resources for Safety and resilience are the foundation blocks within Sovereignty.  The process heals us through a natural alchemical force which serves to integrate and unify the field of awareness.  Heart Centred Sovereignty is a practice of showing up and being present to your own experience, at the deepest levels.

The process begins as a soul initiation enabling a direct experience of a powerful state of consciousness which both heals, and illuminates the path we must travel in each moment.  This direct connection with our own light is powerfully transformative, if provides context and direction to our journey to wholeness.  The easiest place to access this unique essence is within the core of our own heart space, it is always there waiting … it is unshakable and reliable. Deeper in the core of the heart, beyond your own light, is divinity a ‘place’ beyond concepts, ideas, belief and separation.  This is the OneSelf, the Absolute, outdates programs and versions of adapted selves die, and infinite possibility is birthed into each moment.

A powerful alternative to healing therapy or basic meditation, these practices enable us to ‘know’ through direct experience who we are, and anchor our direction from there.  Ultimately the practice of Sovereignty becomes part of your life, supporting you to live on purpose, embody your power and authority by being yourself.

In this 7 week online program you will begin to learn the language of love (the source language of energy) which lives beyond the mind, language, meaning and interpretation.   We cultivate access into sentience through the somatic felt sense experience within the present moment.  In so doing you are establishing a direct two way connection with your soul,  establishing your own inner GPS to navigate effectively in your life by a commitment and intention of self LOVE, through self referral.  More advanced work explore taking this even further to embodiment of the primordial stillness enabling the gold of possibility of being fully human and fully divine.

Embody Truth  gives us navigational ‘tools’, to practice  supporting  your own unique way. This cultivates a sense of mastery within your life.   We will ‘learn’ to access an original language of energy as it appears in the present moment within the feltsense experience of your field of awareness.  It’s all about noticing, discernment, contrasting, differentiating,  intention, alignments and a direct experience of surrendering into what is being revealed. It’s cumulative as your system is automatically learning and upgrading from direct experience, so you don’t really need to remember or know anything with your mind!     It naturally facilitates integration of all parts  appearing as separate from the wholeness, which is the truth of who you are. .. Love!  As you journey it opens doors providing new perspectives and relationships with yourSelf and others.  With practice it enables complete healing at the causal level, rather than temporary feel good fixing.

We will meet inbuilt, identities, agendas, saboteurs, and all manner of mental constructs who will resist the process and want to ‘know’ and control.  We will learn to notice these ‘positions’ as they appear energetically in order to unify.  The path