Pain is transmitting a message of danger.  It’s really here to protect you.  However, it may not actually be ‘real’, or rather it may not be related specifically to just the biology of what is happening right now. The biology is transmitting a message to the brain for evaluation, this happens really quickly, and if anything similar has happened before the information of the past is included to evaluate the possible danger in the present.  This means that pain is actually also about meaning, and thus the intensity of  the pain you feel can be directly related to past experiences.    If we can access the pain through a different perceptual reality, not connected to past experience, or heal the past experience, we may be able to find the gift of pain.  The piece that can let you reclaim your soul back from the past.  Herein lies a a lot of potential… and some of the potential maybe to heal the pain completely.

An attitude of openness, ‘not knowing’ and curiosity really can take us a long way.
It did for me.  The work of Embody Truth can heal the past experience, therefore part of the cause of pain, and thus either reduce our sensitivity to pain, or heal it completely.   In addition to an element of grace we are working with perception and attitude.   I invite and encourage you to explore and find out for yourself.  Don’t just believe me.   I have taught others to do this work, so it is not some magical power that has been bestowed on me personally.   Healing anything requires a state of grace, said another way, an alignment with truth.  This is what it takes for the nervous system to integrate the information which is contained in the pain back to health.  In this healing there is an expansion of the sense of self.

… in other words the limited ideas you have, have to break, so that something new can be born through you.  You are that potential, you are all that you seek.
I have had my own personal journey with pain, it was hell.  I suffered from neuralgia attacks which would last around 50 hours and hit me every week or two over a period of around 10 years.  The pain was intense, felt like someone was drilling into my nerves.  I wasn’t able to even take in water or food during the time, sleep was impossible,  and I confined myself to a dark room and the only feelings that would come through me were ‘I want to die’.  This was many years ago now, and I have healed myself and recovered from this which was said to be incurable.  I had many other things to recover from, and many of them painful.  In this whole journey over many years, I did not take any medication or pain killers… I had a deep knowing that it was a journey to heal, and discover through it the causes of my pain and suffering.  For the most part I just accepted and surrendered fully into it… I really opened and felt it all.   At the root of much of this pain was a traumatic experience at around 6 months of age.  An experience so painful to a baby that I had no means to integrate it. The situation was worse as my mother wasn’t there at the time,  I left my body and disconnected.  After years of chronic fatigue, PTSD and a host of others things, I claimed back my innocence and re-integrated my nervous system through opening and becoming present to what was presenting itself.  It wasn’t easy, and I learned (and unlearned) a lot.

In my journey to recovery from these things, I also changed … A L O T.  In some way, you could say, ‘I’ did die.  Or at least the ‘me’ that I thought I was, died.  My perception transformed, as I reclaimed my self back from all the pain that was in my system, all the memories, projections, etc. that were somehow stuck to me and were so much to bare, that I had completely disconnected from my true self.  The path back required me to reconnect, and therefore the pain became a gateway back into my true self.

I would like to distinguish acute versus chronic pain.  Acute is something new, that happens now, or recently.  It might be a sprained ankle, a burn or anything else where the body lets you know big time, that something is wrong.  It is a signalling system that has us stop and pay attention to the hurt.  It also has survival value.  If you feel into it, it will ease off, and heal sooner.  However, many people withdraw from their pain, they don’t want it, and deal with it by taking pain killers.  I totally get this.  Sometimes it might be the most compassionate choice.  No judgement from me.  However, recognize that pain killers are a form of choosing to dissociate from the pain.  I have worked with people who were anaesthetized from a car accident from 20 years ago, who were still dissociated (awareness out of body) from one side of their body, even though the accident was long ‘healed’, the affect of not inhabiting half the body was a huge distortion to how they perceived the world and an over compensation by the other side of the body.

When things aren’t integrated from the past, they can mess up the present.
Walking around with bits of your soul disembodied causes all sorts of challenges in life, not to mention an ongoing feeling of abandonment.  But that is another topic.  When we give full attention to acute pain it reduces, or disappears, and we stay integrated. I have stood in presence after accidentally pouring boiling water on my hand while trying to make tea.  The pain disappeared in moments, and I didn’t even get a burn. The power of presence is beyond anything we can know.   And yes… I know… its just too hard to be with some pain.  If we are unable to do be present at the time of the pain, we can still come back when we’re ready, perhaps when the pain is diminished, or the biology is healed.  The neurology and energetics that are created from it remain in us.  The past, as such, is always there waiting for us to catch up with ourselves.  Our soul calls us back through our life experiences which continue to manifest out of the unresolved past which has disconnected  from the pain.  The pain has either receded into the subconscious and we no longer feel it, and/or  it remains as chronic.
Chronic pain is something that has been around for a while.  We become more sensitive, but less precise.  A most common example is lower back pain in many.   The body is saying ‘something’s wrong’ and we are either not listening or have given up on trying to heal from it, or it just isn’t something that can heal.  So we adopt the idea ‘I have a bad back’, and having seen numerous experts without success, we also have the idea it can’t be healed.   We get attached to that idea, and that idea has a role in keeping the pain in place.   You really cannot trust what you’re seeing sometimes, and you can at least begin to realize that what you ‘think’  is actually strongly involved in the creation of it.  Chronic pain can be less specific and move around a bit.  With this in mind, we can work on shifting our perceptual reality from what we know, to a place beyond, or behind the mind where ‘not knowing’ can be experienced.  In this place we can actually access the potential of something new.  It’s a bit like seeing from a place behind where the pain is created by our normal perception.

If you’d like to know more and….
If you’re in the Byron area, this coming Friday 8th August 2014, please consider joining me for a guided journey through the heart, to support the healing of pain.  Its at the Red Tent Yoga in the Byron Arts & Industrial Estate, starts at 7 – 9.30 pm for an investment of $25.

If you’d like a one-on-one session to support journeying with pain, and healing, please EMAIL me  I work in person or on skype.

I welcome your comments.

Sending love and blessings to all.  May all beings be free, may all beings be happy 🙂

Some great science on pain and perception has come through the neuroscience of Dr. Lorimer Moseley.

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