I have studied NLP (practitioner level qualification) and up to NLP Master Practitioner level. In comparison, after a two day Embody Truth workshop I already felt that the Embody Truth technology supports changes, quickly, easily and profoundly. Right from my first work with Embody Truth I felt like I was doing NLP but in a more elegant, and quick energy form.
Aaron Frater, Wellington, New Zealand

When we shift deeply, it creates a space for those around us, in our families to shift also… some recent feedback on how family changes, through working on ourself . . . post retreat . . .
This approach has really worked with my 14 year old son . . . Me….”
I don’t quite know what has happened but suddenly I have a very different kid on my hands. He is a non-stop chatterbox and what’s more he is so demonstrably loving towards me -wanting to hold my hand, put his arm over my shoulder as we walked through the bush yesterday- kissing me before and after school, random hugs, happy to cook and help out… WTF! 
I can only think that the presencing work I have been doing with him, is going deep( getting him to deeply relax lying down, breathe, feel his heart and then invite him to sense all his feelings while staying connected with his heart and saying to himself” This is me” . . . and ” I am here for all of me”…”all my feelings are okay and I am here for all of them”
Perhaps having another reach into his darkest place is such a relief. I feel his heart is opening in a big gooey way! On Friday he woke up with his rib out after a rough rugby practice and I thought here we go with the usual . . .”Can I have the day off school Mum? But No, we laid down in the lounge and did the presencing work and he got up and went to school. No probs!!
Anu Grace, Townsville, QLD, Australia

‘‘By the way I was just reflecting last night on what a transformation your work (along with the other life changes) has made to my life. I feel like an entirely different person to early last year. It’s pretty amazing how consistently and expansively I am in my heart. thank you fabulous woman! xxx. I should also add: It has been a revelation to be