I have studied NLP (practitioner level qualification) and up to NLP Master Practitioner level. In comparison, after a two day Embody Truth workshop I already felt that the Embody Truth technology supports changes, quickly, easily and profoundly. Right from my first work with Embody Truth I felt like I was doing NLP but in a more elegant, and quick energy form.
Aaron Frater, Wellington, New Zealand

When we shift deeply, it creates a space for those around us, in our families to shift also… some recent feedback on how family changes, through working on ourself . . . post retreat . . .
This approach has really worked with my 14 year old son . . . Me….”
I don’t quite know what has happened but suddenly I have a very different kid on my hands. He is a non-stop chatterbox and what’s more he is so demonstrably loving towards me -wanting to hold my hand, put his arm over my shoulder as we walked through the bush yesterday- kissing me before and after school, random hugs, happy to cook and help out… WTF! 
I can only think that the presencing work I have been doing with him, is going deep( getting him to deeply relax lying down, breathe, feel his heart and then invite him to sense all his feelings while staying connected with his heart and saying to himself” This is me” . . . and ” I am here for all of me”…”all my feelings are okay and I am here for all of them”
Perhaps having another reach into his darkest place is such a relief. I feel his heart is opening in a big gooey way! On Friday he woke up with his rib out after a rough rugby practice and I thought here we go with the usual . . .”Can I have the day off school Mum? But No, we laid down in the lounge and did the presencing work and he got up and went to school. No probs!!
Anu Grace, Townsville, QLD, Australia

‘‘By the way I was just reflecting last night on what a transformation your work (along with the other life changes) has made to my life. I feel like an entirely different person to early last year. It’s pretty amazing how consistently and expansively I am in my heart. thank you fabulous woman! xxx. I should also add: It has been a revelation to be able to transition from connecting too much with other people’s energy (and thus overwhelming my own sense of self) to being able to sit in the heart and simultaneously relate to others more deeply.’’
Jacqui Chan, Melbourne, Australia

‘‘I feel that I had gotten over the worst of chronic fatigue syndrome before I did your workshops. However I still was quite susceptible to viral illness and was often unwell. Since your workshops I feel that I am tougher, I don’t seem to come down with as many illnesses but more than anything my state of mind has improved significantly. Events that would send me into depression and self-doubt no longer are having that effect. I feel more resilient and able to face life’s challenges.’’
Jacqui Forest, Bellingen, NSW, Australia

“. . . its not that the teaching you give is new, (how can truth be new) but the authenticity of your being, the sincerity of your wish for all of us to realize and embody truth and the way you are putting the bits together as far as I can see it so far, feels very integrated.
I learn from you however not from the teaching as everything so far has been familiar to me as are the perception exercises,( expanding out behind the body taught to me 35 years ago in a remote village in Java of all places by a meditation teacher) from one source or another, but the way you work with people (Leanora in action) to clear and get us to all work with that in ourselves as you do so ,group energy I find very powerful and effective, I had done this before in a workshop situation but had not really got it before at a body level.”
Selene Mundle, Nelson, New Zealand

“I am able to set boundaries and have clear intentions. I feel I am holding space for people to experience a deeper connection with them selves. I feel very honoured to be doing the work. Thank you so very much for all your help, healing, advice and wisdom. I really treasure you and know where I am now is a direct result of doing session work with you.”
Angie Meiklejohn, Wellington, New Zealand

“I am overwhelmed at what is possible with these techniques and very grateful that you have introduced them to me and the world. I am also very thankful to you for your skills and abilities with them, as when I am working with you I sense I am being supported, guided, almost carried/held, and seen – most of all I feel seen and heard, really for the first time ever in my life, and not in a personal, creepy, like I now owe you something way. I am crying as I write this, as until you said that I was raped, I didn’t believe I was, I was in denial about it…and so many other things…and I feel such hope now. So many thoughts and memories are surfacing, and I am being very gentle with myself, and gravitating towards the love.”

“I avoid seeing areas of my life because of how I feel about these areas. Why would I want to look at something that makes me feel bad?
Sometime ago I realised that the areas of my life I did not want to see and feel are shaping my life.
• I don’t like telling my partner certain things because I don’t  like the way I will feel when she reacts to what I have said
• I drink because it makes me feel better than I was feeling before I drank
• I couldn’t stand up for myself with my boss because I felt afraid
• I couldn’t relate to my children because I didn’t like the feeling of being intimate.
• I didn’t want to face the reality about my wealth because I didn’t want to feel like I was a loser etc….
Embody Truth  helps me see the parts of my story that I don’t want to see and are avoiding. I use the techniques to connect and merge with the energy behind the feeling behind the story.  Like magic the blind spots in my life disappear…my life experience expands and life looks clearer.”
Simon Norton, Manilla, Phillipines

“I am loving the gift of the sovereign state. With all my heart, thank you.”
Louise Knowles, Adelaide, Australia

“Yes it was my joy to do this.  It was my delight to have you come and I was blessed thousands of times over.
Just knowing that this important work has touched Adelaide is amazing to be a part of.  Thank you for giving this so I could receive it.
For so long I have longed for a truth that is workable and livable and in me, and mostly, it is understandable!  You gave it to me.
Yes you are my sista and I love you dearly.  Thank you for being you and being here for us all and me in particular.
The love of the god zone is so fantastic.
Louise Greenslade, Adelaide, Australia
. Thank you for midwifery into my newly Embodied Self- yummy new beginning, thankfully! Safe travelling Leanora.”
Cecily Orenstein, Adelaide, Australia

“Embody Truth has given me solid navigation skills to deal with my emotional and physical terrain. Shadows that have run my life for eons have dissipated effortlessly as I soon as I presence. This seems to switch on the light of my consciousness and trust in myself to deal with whatever arises at a core level. No more gurus, therapists or soothsayers! My self confidence and inner purpose is so much stronger
as a result, allowing me to go straight toward my hearts desire. I feel I can deal withanything as well as access my innate simple joy.”
Anu Grace, Townsville, Australia

“For me, Leanora is in her core essence no matter if she is giving a workshop, a session, or she is private, she stays always in her authenticity. When I met her for the first time there was this knowing about a similar soul and when we worked together it was a creation and a deep understanding. My deep respect for how Leanora walks her path in honesty to herself.”
Anita Riederer, Waiheke, New Zealand

I have a lot of financial problems that are coming from my boyfriend’s past.  It’s hard for me to deal with and sometimes I have the feeling I have to do it all on my own.  He can’t handle money so in some ways it really is something I have to do on my own.  It is hard to stay positive and it’s also very hard to be a loving girlfriend. I tried your technique and I’m so very impressed. It almost overwhelmed me. I felt like I needed to let him stand there in front of me longer before I could breathe the experience in.  It was too intense, I was afraid to do so. But I did and I felt my fears about everything.  The second time I let him stand before me in my mind it was a completely different experience. I was overwhelmed with love. It was just amazing. So, you probably get a lot of stories like this one, but I just had to share mine with you.  Thank you so much for making me feel this way.  It was absolutely amazing.”
Wilma (last name withheld)

Note: this was as an email sent to me as a result of the process I posted on Finerminds, what I love is that someone who has never done the training or even a session was able to get such a wonderful result in 5 easy steps by listening to an audio . . . CLICK HERE to view.