Soul Ignition

Soul Ignition is a process which ignites a natural alchemical and evolutionary healing response from within your own system.  This is a powerful alternative to healing, therapy or basic meditations.  It becomes your way of life supporting you to live on purpose, embody your power and authority by being yourself.  In this 8 week online program you will begin to learn the language of love (the source language of energy) which lives beyond the mind and is available through the somatic felt sense experience within the present moment.

This online program is a first and foundational step to the Embody Truth work, and is suitable for beginners, new to meditation as well as those already accomplished in self development work, and those already involved in the healing arts.  It is an interactive program which requires a full and engaged  participation yet at a self-paced rhythm.  The program is run through a facebook Secret group and includes online training videos, online live  sharing in response to questions and feedback along with with  several group live conversations via Zoom to enable learning and healing any resistance.   A certain maturity is required along with  a commitment to adjust or develop your own daily practice to incorporate the recommended practices of the program.  There will be opportunities for the group to self-organise and work in diads in order to accomplish certain practices.  

The course includes:

  • Developing and reclaiming Sovereignty – an open, sacred, inclusive and integrative connection to your field of energy (your sou)l, including expanded conscious awareness. This is fundamental for healing trauma at its origins.
  • Heart connection – cultivating the ability to access your light and core essence, thus igniting your soul power and integrating the mind back into the heart as your master. This allows you to change the state and content of your consciousness to something more light and positive… thus changing your relational experiences, and the world around you.  You are here to bring your light into the world.  The light heals and also illuminates what is hidden from you (unconscious trauma).
  • Healing any blocks to sending and receiving love in the heart improving how we perceive our situations and helping our relational experiences.
  • Culltivate and establish a Daily Practice which works for you, designed with perfect ingredients, for you and by you… to serve in the best way possible..
  • Noticing the dynamic changing experiences of your field, is how you will learn to listen to the messages your soul is giving you in order to guide your life. ..  here you will find your own inner guru.
  • Alignment to your soul, as a way of re-orienting how you perceive thus moving away from agenda and limitations to align with the inherent power of the universe to serve your soul purpose. This alignment amplifies the power and possibility of healing and removes the mental limitations which are unconsciously (unseen) influencing the field and thus causing trouble and limiting your life.
  • Noticing and discerning ‘boundaries’ at source by establishing your field and connection to Self– what creates safety? what in the field of energy is me and mine and what am I responsible for.? A first step toward feeling safe.  This is itself  a powerful healing process … once we establish a way to regain a feeling of safe, we can become curious and explore life more, in a manner which does not overwhelm our system.
  • Noticing and working with, and through the discovery of resistance, (the saboteur), and how to integrate and realign. 

Some of the most common outcomes you can expect from this program include:

  • A sense of lightness and well being
  • An ability to move from negative mind states and content to lighter places and more pleasant states.
  • Less to no reactivity to outside triggers (i.e. other people)
  • More ownership of yourself, your life and purpose
  • A feeling of possibility and potential to live your dreams
  • Improved relationship to feeling safe and supported in your own skin.
  • More awareness of resistance patterns and core traumatic material which needs your attention.
  • A stable practice which serves your life
  • New soul mate connections from journeying with others along with a sense of support and community.

Each week includes a meditation practice for soul ignition and initiates the inherent power of true self, here our system learns through the direct experience of the present moment.  The program also includes information for the mind with theory, models and diagrams,  videos and practice guidelines for the week.  There will be individual work and work in diads. The program will run through a secret facebook group, with several group zoom meetings  (you will get a zoom link).  There is a secret group on facebook for sharing your explorations, practice accomplishments and challenges.  Engagement, feedback and support is offered daily through the group.   It is through your comments, feedback, questions,  and other topics of discussion that the program is in part shaped.  Your soul is co-creating along with the foundational material for the next weeks session.  The group process and what is required in the present moment will orient the work and how it is delivered.

What is required from you is:

  • availability for several  1.5 hour group sessions within the  8 weeks,
  • a commitment to full engagement in the program with whatever material arises for you
  • A commitment to a daily practice.
  • A willingness to make the choice to be the power in your life… and to engage fully in the material that is offered.


We are in open registration for beginning this program on 15th July 2019.  The investment for this 8 week program is $200 US.  In order to register for Soul Ignition you are required to submit an application. Please indicate your country and time preferences for 2 hours per week.  You can request by an application form here.