How might it be to have the capacity of sentience (to feel), to know with an unshakable divine intelligence and to have agency to act out of love?  How might it be to make choices which are omni-positive?  That is Sovereignty.

The more common and collective theme, I have become aware of in my own journey into Heart Centred Sovereignty follows.  This journey has required me to stand alone sometimes, to regulate my nervous system, to recalibrate, so that I could become resilient and adaptive.  It has required me to stand my ground, in truth, in order to co-regulate my nervous system out of collapse and co-dependency.  Sovereignty is a state of consciousness, and an ongoing process of growing.

How many of us are actually in charge of the conditions we live under?   We have created a society and system to which we have inadvertently relinquished our sovereignty and the result is we have given away our power to someone or something outside of us. We have lost authorship of our life and where we are going.  Sometimes this external authority, which was established to serve us, is actually parasitic in nature, and inhibits our fullest potential to live in our power and exercise free choice. We have become enslaved.

Lost and mostly unconscious of our powerlessness we are unable to recognize that we are actually using our own power to create our enslavement.   We are then reacting to this enslavement thereby giving it more power and inhibiting our free and open expression.  We are shaming ourselves with a false ideal of how we think we are supposed to be,  rather than showing up in our own truth in all its raw and wild beauty… unable to be authentic to ourselves. No wonder we feel guilt.  We are guilty of enslaving ourselves.

As a result many have developed the default consciousness of victims and become angry and resentful.   In this, often unconscious position, afraid of meeting and expressing emotional energy we have rather become normalised and socialised toward fitting in.  The need to belong is powerful and we are often afraid of the shame and consequences of not being loved, and of rejection.    This endeavour to ‘fit in’ is a co-creative act creating the world and maintaining the status quo. Widening the gap between lies and truth.  Sovereignty is about loving yourSelf… and fitting in to your Self, our own wholeness is where we belong.  From Sovereignty we reclaim our power, and can be a light and gift to the world.   In order to cope we have become docile and apathetic in the comforts of a society manipulated by consumerism and complacent in the status quo, unable to move, afraid of our light.

It is time to break the chains of this cycle and reclaim our power.

It is only through the direct experience of our own truth that we can redeem our sovereignty.  This truth cannot be spoken in words, or discussed and argued about, this truth is a sacred connection with our own soul, with a divine code which holds our unresolved past, as well as our divine potential.  Its about becoming sentient, and being informed through our connection to the ‘field of awareness’ that we can meet the truth and resolve the past which is shaping us.    We are being called to become fully embodied  as a way of owning our experiences including our anger, rage and resentment until we have pulled back all the dissociated parts of our soul into a coherent sovereign heart-centered unique being.  It is through embodying our own rage that we will find courage (heart rage) and along with that the full entitlement and belonging that is inherent in nature and part of being fully human on planet earth.

Instead of the ongoing repression of this emotional energy which causes sickness and dis-ease along with the daily challenges in our lives and relationships we can respond in each moment to the direct experience of our true selves which contains an infinite source of power and the ability to transcend limiting beliefs founded in past unresolved experiences.
Through not knowing the truth of who we are and fully owning it, we are creating immune system disorders where we are unable to,  or are not powerful enough to protect ourselves from nature herself… like we feel ourselves separate and that nature is the enemy, not recognizing our own parasitic tendency born out of lack of sovereignty. Unable to discern ‘me’ from ‘not me’ shows up this way, unable to be responsible for ourselves yet being responsible for others as a way of control and staying safe is all about a lack of sovereignty.   In this we remain unaware that the bugs which are compromising us are within us as we are unable to differentiate between that which nourishes us and that which doesn’t.  This fear of nature, fear of ourselves and our power,  holds within it the seed of denial of the feminine, the untamable wildness and purity which is part of our true nature and essence.   Sometimes we are so confused about who or what is the enemy we end up with immune disorders where we are actually attacking ourself.  I’ve been there!

It is time to develop our integrity and wholeness as it is only through knowing the fullness of who we truly are that we can know and experience ourselves with healthy boundaries, where we stand fully in our truth, unshakable available to the consequences.  The establishment of this truth develops the power, love and access to the entitlement of being a human being, free to be the unique expression of the infinite,  of energy manifest in pure form, unfettered by the search for our wholeness in something outside of ourselves.  As we integrate the divided parts, we are called to clear the programs which filter our perception (the masculine element of energy), in order to find again the feminine and heal her wounds.

Once we turn out attention inward, we can attain the skill through the process of Sovereignty, to recognise our projection and transference.  We come back to the power of owning our soul.  Unified in a heart-centered sovereign presence,  fierce, compassionate, wise and wholesome. It is the power of love and to find it we have crossed the great divide, the chasm of a consciousness founded on separation, fear and duality… we have realized we are the power of love manifest in form.

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