The ego versus hopelessness. The crack is where the light enters.

The ego versus hopelessness.   The ego is so easily manipulated.

It thrives on looking, desiring, wanting ‘something’ it cannot find.

It thrives on avoiding what it doesn’t like or want.

And yet… what is this thing we call ego? Locked up in an existential crises; ego is trying to exist against all odds… it is a ghost, an idea, at best a concept. Yet this mish mash of neurological wiring which creates a ‘sense of self’ is holding all the power if you attach and align with it.

And so. . . in a hidden despair the ego avoiding hopeless may be trying.

Many people are running around awakening, doing workshops, finding the light, getting their feminine to rise. . .

Good on them?

And many are marketing great promises of success, unlocking emotions, smarter minds, happiness, love, peace, relationship promises etc. Ego’s are so drawn to these and lots of money may exchange hands as a result. They may even help, to a point !

Yet . . .

No ego… No-one… none … are looking for truth.

because truth destroys the ego. It’s is therefore not popular.

And everyone, that is looking for truth, arrives with an agenda to find it… why? as a way out of suffering, or a way into happiness. Oh this truth thing is most sneaky for an ego to find, it is unfindable, totally invisible, completely hidden. Hopeless may arise

Hopelessness is the gateway.

And, If I might suggest to you to truly feel your hopelessness, most might be unwilling, resistance – oh that is not what I want, why would I feel that?. This is the all knowing voice of the ego.

Rather go somewhere where there is hope, hope for a better relationship, for success, for money, a new formula perhaps. Yet all that movement, all that effort, all that energy whether locked up or expended, is born out of a separated, unwanted feeling of hopelessness.

The ego versus hopelessness. Truth, in the moment has the power of transformation.  No kidding 🙂

This moment, and all that is in it, is the unfolding path to nowhere. . . well . . . to this moment, which is truly everything and also all there is, and where, through the deepest silence of grace, you might meet your true self. . . and that is what an ego can never find.

Despair if you must, and remember if you can … that there is a seed within us, truth itself, which is waiting for us, it’s love and light is infinite, it lives beyond patience, and it’s capacity to forgive is alchemical and defies all description. It is always here, always waiting, it is so close you can feel its breath … pause a moment, connect, ‘you’ are already that beloved.

. . . love is a place where ego’s die.  Love holds the truth of the present moment, and love is empty of ego.  It’s unconditional. It’s home.

Blessings on your journey to Now… Leanora

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