When we move Awareness to the Heart, we literally transform our life, our relationships and the way we perceive the world. Begin or continue the journey to discover ‘who you are’!

When we move our Awareness to our belly/womb we connect with the force of nature herself, the divine feminine, where we can rest and be and all that is required becomes manifest to support us.

When we become whole we integrate love and power to serve the world through our minds where the full alignment of ‘thoughts, words and actions’ is the completion of the soul’s journey into the human form.   When we speak or act from this place we have the support of the whole Universe:  Indeed  Heaven on Earth.

Bali for me is a magical place where the feminine energy is strong, and manifestation and magical synchronicity abounds.  What better place to do this exploration together, within our  own beings and out there… in Ubud.

Join me for 10 magical days on a ‘do it yourself retreat’.  Half days will be for inner exploration, transformation, expansion, essence, connection, healing, and evolving awareness.   The rest of the day is for outer explorations, which are self-catered from an array of beautiful pampering spas, massage, organic food, shopping, yoga, ecstatic dance and more.  The week will include a group trip to the healing fountains for a sacred ritual and invocation.   Ubud is the place to integrate the dance of our inner and outer worlds.

Our inner work includes:

  • Meditative journey’s to develop Sovereignty, a state of presence and grace where healing happens.
  • Participate in and develop a potent group field in alignment for healing each other.  We are all supporting the healing of each other.
  • Heart journey’s to ignite our connection to the light body, where we transcend the duality of the mind and enter the realm of unity consciousness;  and where we meet the divine code of our soul to guide our life and live our fullest expression.
  • Journey into expanded states of consciousness where we transcend the 3rd dimension to know ourselves as multi-dimensional beings where healing happens in a timeless realm. And, if grace allows, you may experience super consciousness.
  • Develop new neurological pathways, and learn how, to be able to access potent states of consciousness for healing and transcendence, which obviously change your mind state and content… Beyond the busy mind.
  • Have direct experiences of how to shift perception to shift your reality, change your energetic vibration instantly, and therefore magnetize a new life into existence.
  • Use advanced energy healing to clear the traumatic imprints and the residual unexpressed emotional content, which is impeding your journey.  Make the subconscious, conscious.
  • Ultimately all these techniques boil down to fully showing up for life, right here, right now, beyond the resistance of the limited and divided self.  We are being called to awaken.

Leanora holds a deep and powerful state of presence which provides her the guidance to support others to arrive at a state of grace where healing happens. Holding a space in this way supports the creation of a group field of resonance, which invokes healing at a personal, as well as transpersonal level.  As such the participants and the situations alive in each individual will dictate the material and the journey of the retreat together.  The content will be woven from all levels of the workshop series ‘Sacred Alchemy to Embody your Soul’ depending on the needs of the participants.  It is a co-creation where we are all healing each other.  The relationships we make in this space develop a healing bond and connection that continues beyond the retreat.

Ultimately everything is energy and the feltsense energy we feel when we take our attention inwards contains the information of the subconscious and collective unconscious mind. It is here that we meet our soul, retrieve its code to guide us and clear away the imprints of our unresolved traumatic past experiences, from this life, our ancestors and our lives past…. beyond time.

Leanora uses a collection of diagrams, discussion, and experiential exercises to guide participants into direct experiences of their own soul, this connection with ‘self’  transforms your energy and vibration, reprograms your neurology toward your own true nature and essence returning to its natural state,  here we can live in a state of well-being.  It is our energetic vibration, usually subconscious, which attracts and manifests experiences into our life.  It is all about energy.  Come… reclaim your power… and BE YOURSELF!

The 10 day inner adventure will be conducted in my Bali living room, for an investment of $800 AUD, there will be a group excursion included. Each participant will also be entitled to a one hour one-on-one session as part of the fee.  Please email me at embodytruth@gmail.com to register.
There are a variety of places to stay in Ubud ranging from $15 per day on up

Check it out on facebook, airbnb, or google. Or let me know if I can offer support.  I recommend you take the first step, say ‘yes’ to your heart, and book your flights, its peak season and getting in early is a good idea.

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