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Embody Truth is a dynamic journey and discovery of the authentic self and our purpose here. Its aim is to put us in touch with the source of happiness and live a life in flow.

Embody Truth is a non-dual, integrative, somatic meditation practise toward embodiment of the primordial stillness found deep within the core of the heart.

It is through the portal and integration of stillness in relation to all phenomena that we can transform trauma, health (physical, mental and emotional), identity, relationships, memory, habits, addictions,  behaviour, all experience, perception and all phenomena arising in consciousness.

Within a direct and dynamic experience of the feltsense a map is revealed to guide us to the jewel within the deepest core of the heart. Nothing is excluded as we become our own guru, our life naturally unfolds into wholeness … through listening in the somatic experience (the feltsense) we become the fullest expression of the divine in each moment.

Embody Truth engages a specific method of self enquiry, exploring anything and everything in relation to stillness, in order to integrate all division back to coherence. It is the alchemical reconciliation naturally arising from the enquiry which reorients our perception and heals the memories and limitations which have held us captive.

Stillness is often described as the Tao, the ground of being, emptiness, the unknown, the unknowable, true nature, and the absolute…. It is a fundamental unchanging reality from which all phenomena emerge and return.

The Mastery Series documents how 13 individuals from across the planet have faced incredible adversity and yet triumphed against all odds and it includes an insightful interview with Leanora.  This nitty-gritty overview, documents each person’s experiences of waking up to Universal Truth, utilising their life’s challenges and turning these around through diligent effort and surrendering ultimately to Source. Each person has been selected because they have succeeded in integrating this Truth into the very essence of who they are.

David Stone has  drawn upon a broad cross-section of people so that each interview carries a different signature, to unlock another valuable aspect of the challenges that many currently face. These interviews are, in essence, blue-prints of how to awaken into your mastery so that you too, can start to experience the pure radiance of being, that is your birth-right.

The Mastery Series