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Embody Truth is a synthesis of the relationship between trauma healing and spirituality.

Embody Truth is a dynamic journey of healing and discovery toward an embodied authentic self. Its aim is to put us in touch with a deeper truth supporting the connection and expression of our unique essence.  Often described as the heroes journey  it requires that we meet, and explore the barriers we have unconsciously built, through trauma and adverse experiences, to enable the reclamation and reintegration of our power.  We learn the lessons as they naturally arise through the present moment,  enabling the ongoing becoming of wholeness.

Embody Truth is a non-dual, integrative, somatic meditation practise toward embodiment of the primordial stillness found deep within the core of the heart. It is through embodiment of stillness that we unify all division to  emerge and flower as our dynamic unique essence. An essential gift to the world.

It is through the portal and integration of stillness in relation to all phenomena that we can transform trauma, health (physical, mental and emotional), identity, relationships, memory, habits, addictions,  behaviour, all experience, perception and all phenomena arising in consciousness.

Within a direct and dynamic experience of the feltsense a map is revealed to guide us to the jewel within the deepest core of the heart. Nothing is excluded as we become our own guru, our life naturally unfolds into wholeness … through listening in the somatic experience (the feltsense) to the wisdom in the body, we become the fullest expression of the divine in each moment.

Embody Truth engages both a top down, and bottom up spiralling process with fundamental key principles (method) to establish heart centred sovereignty, healing trauma at the causal level, unifying polarity (addiction) and an exploration and reintegration of identity and perception, back to pure awareness.   Through powerful alignments and self enquiry, a natural and alchemical integration unifies all division back to an embodied coherent Self. It is the alchemical reconciliation naturally arising from the enquiry which reorients our perception and heals the memories and limitations which have held us captive.

Stillness is often described as the Tao, the ground of being, emptiness, the unknown, the unknowable, true nature, and the absolute…. It is a fundamental unchanging reality from which all phenomena emerge and return. It is beyond description.

What you are seeking, is seeking you.

~ Rumi