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… transformation through the alchemical language of Love.

Embody Truth enables a powerful synthesis through exploring the relational dynamics between healing trauma, spirituality and somatic embodiment.

Embody Truth is a dynamic journey of healing and discovery toward an embodied authentic self. Its aim is to put us in touch with a deeper truth supporting the connection and thus expression of our unique essence. as a way of living life fully. The work engages us with 3 fundamental questions:

1. What defines me?,

2. What differentiates?

3. What Unites?

An unfolding path of transformation toward wholeness, expressing as a coherent singularity

Embody Truth is an exploration of the relativistic experiences which are ‘organised’ in time, and available through a material and dualistic world where separation appears fundamental to perception. We begin with the practices for cultivating heart centred sovereignty, healing trauma, polarity, and identity work. However, healing at the causal layer leads us into a direct exploration of the unchanging and fundamental reality beyond time. The doorway to this reality is stillness, (the alchemical language of Love).

Through direct experience and self referral we engage a somatic meditation practise which serves to naturally unwind our system through layers toward the original language of energy. With powerful and simple self enquiry we are lead toward a natural, alchemical embodiment of the primordial stillness found deep within the core of the heart. Stillness is our deepest origin (the Absolute). It is through embodiment of stillness (the absolute) that we unify all division (traumatic material and identity) to emerge and flower as our divine, and unique essential self, while remaining fully engaged in the eternal becoming of that Self. This work naturally draws us into an unfolding expression of our unique and divine purpose. It is through the dynamic journey toward coherence of Self, a Singularity, that we come to understand who we are, why we are here, and the gift we have come to share in the world.

It is through the exploration and integration of stillness in relation to all phenomena that we can transform trauma, health (physical, mental and emotional), identity, relationships, memory, habits, addictions, behaviour, all experience, perception, the body, and all other phenomena arising in consciousness.

Sovereignty – an ongoing practice for evolving and embodiment of True Self

Embody Truth engages both a top down, and bottom up process with fundamental key principles. It engages a cyclical process which operates at all scales, from the atom to the cosmos. It is a transmutation at all levels from the inside out. Sovereignty is both a state of consciousness, and an ongoing process. Through the practice of sovereignty, healing trauma at the causal level becomes available. Consequently, from a base of sovereignty, further practice enables unification through a natural alchemical process fuelled by the exploration of experience, perception and stillness and the relational dynamics between them. The map is revealed through noticing what is arising in the present moment. Each moment is a new exploration.

Combining ‘methods’ with a navigational map, alignments, initiations and exploratory practices we fine tune the art of surrender, through openness and curiosity.

Our ongoing practice creates a nervous system evolving toward expansion, developing resilience, flexibility and stability. This naturally supports our journey of discovery toward coherence. Every integration (healing) leads to unification (with Self…or Oneness). This has a cumulative effect, and induces an exponential upgrade of the entire system. Therefore, transmuting unintegrated phenomena within the core of the system serves to ripple out and through the whole system. The ‘closer’ we can become to the causal layer the more rapid and profound the transformation. The causal layer, is always the Absolute (the origin of all things) which is enabled through the exploration of stillness.

Learning to engage powerful alignments and an embodied self enquiry method (the quest), a natural integration supports an alchemical unification of division back into an embodied, unified and coherent Self. It is the alchemical reconciliation naturally arising from the enquiry which reorients our perception and heals the memories and limitations which have held us captive.

Stillness is often referred to as the Absolute, the Tao, the ground of being, emptiness, the unknown, the unknowable, the unmanifest, silence, the mystery, and the void, …. It is a fundamental unchanging reality from which all phenomena emerge and return. It has many names, yet it is beyond description.

Embody Truth’s MAP’s, or model of consciousness, is based upon a fractal holographic unified field (the Absolute). This is where the relativistic world of an apparent duality appears to ’emerge’ from the unified field. Ultimately it is apparent that the manifest world is itself energy at different frequency and that matter or form, is concurrently and inherently formless. If you are interested in a deeper dive into the physics, mathematics, and sacred geometry that links the connected universe, and if you are drawn to weave together the messages from the ancients (which are present right now in spacetime) you may wish to explore the work of Nassim Haramein at the Resonance Science Foundation, or join me on one of my journeys to sacred places. I discovered about 15 years ago that my own inner esoteric explorations were being paralleled by these discoveries. (it was such a relief)!

What you are seeking, is seeking you.

~ Rumi