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Embody Truth enables a powerful synthesis through exploring the relational dynamics between healing trauma and spirituality.

Embody Truth is a dynamic journey of healing and discovery toward an embodied authentic self. Its aim is to put us in touch with a deeper truth supporting the connection and thus expression of our unique essence.  Often described as the heroes journey,  it requires that we meet, and explore the barriers we have unconsciously built.   We discover that trauma and adverse experiences, have left an imprint in our energy field.  In part it is through healing and reintegrating these wounds that we can become our true and unique Self.

Furthermore, we can discover and cultivate the embodiment of a source of light available through our heart connection and our ongoing embodiment. This inspires a potent healing force to awaken within our own body/mind system.  The light of our soul, our unique essence, ignites a seed of potential that is inherent within us. As a contrast to our normal divided consciousness, mental structures and time oriented busyness, this serves as a lamp to guide the way.   In addition to a soothing healing balm, this light has the power to illuminate the shadows, the traumatic imprints within our field.  Once embodied the light is always available within us, it is our enlightenment, we have realised ourSelf as the source of that light.  The light, however cannot be embodied without integrating the division and separation from our deeper centre (the absolute).  It is this separation from centre, which creates both the hidden shadows and the identity structures which are attached to them.

Life itself always brings us the lessons revealing the path before us, moment by moment. Traumatic material has an energetic frequency. While unconscious,  it magnetises (like attracts like) situations toward us.  What is happening in this moment is all ways, always an opportunity to discover the truth. Through practice, we can learn to access and use the unconscious material, making it conscious in support of integration, and unification back to our essence and wholeness.   In this way, we are on an ongoing journey of discovery, enabling the unfolding and becoming; of a living expression of our unique wholeness . . . sharing our gift, living our soul purpose, consciously creating the change from the inside out.

An unfolding path of transformation toward a coherent expression of wholeness

Embody Truth is a non-dual, integrative, and somatic meditation practise toward embodiment of the primordial stillness found deep within the core of the heart along with our unique essence (enlightenment). Therefore, it is through embodiment of stillness that we unify all division (traumatic material and identity) to  emerge and flower as our divine, and unique essential self. This work will naturally leads us into an expression of our unique and divine purpose.  It is through this dynamic coherence of Self, that we come to understand who we are, why we are here, and the gift we have come to share in the world.

It is through the exploration and integration of stillness in relation to all phenomena that we can transform trauma, health (physical, mental and emotional), identity, relationships, memory, habits, addictions,  behaviour, all experience, perception and all phenomena arising in consciousness.

Informed by the present moment …

Embody Truth engages both a top down, and bottom up spiralling process with fundamental key principles.  It applies a cyclical process to  establish heart centred sovereignty; a foundation for safety and exploration.  Through the practices of sovereignty, healing trauma at the causal level becomes available. Consequently, from  a base of sovereignty, further practices enable unification through a natural alchemical process. The map is revealed through noticing what is arising in the present moment. Each moment is a new exploration.

The nature of the work is vast, and uses a variety of explorations supported through sovereignty, an open a curious engagement with the present moment.  This  includes expanding conscious awareness, contrasting, cohabiting, working with polarity (addiction), masculine and feminine (sacred divorce and sacred union), relativity and relational material,  noticing separation to explore identity  (who am I?) and much more.  As we master these practices we move to a deeper exploration of perception witnessing the witness), enabling clear vision or pure awareness, which allows us access to information which was previously hidden (lack of awareness). We learn to navigate the field masterfully in order to release any fixation of perception and what it creating,  rather to be  informed from the infinite possibility which arises in each moment.

The ongoing practice creates a nervous system which more easily expands, develops resilience, flexibility and becomes more coherent through each journey we take.  Each integration is an exponential upgrade of the entire system. Transmuting unintegrated phenomena within the core of the system serves to ripple out and through the whole system .   Using powerful alignments and an embodied self enquiry method, a natural and alchemical integration unifies  division back to an embodied and coherent Self. It is the alchemical reconciliation naturally arising from the enquiry which reorients our perception and heals the memories and limitations which have held us captive.

Stillness is often referred to as the Absolute, the Tao, the ground of being, emptiness, the unknown, the unknowable, the unmanifest, silence, and the void, …. It is a fundamental unchanging reality from which all phenomena emerge and return. It is beyond description.

What you are seeking, is seeking you.

~ Rumi