Healing Sessions for Integration and Unification:

Through empathic awareness, and intuition, I ‘listen’ to the unconscious energetic information which is available in the holographic field of awareness.  In this dual meditative journey I invite you, through resonance, to explore experiences (emotional, mental, physical) as aspects in separation in order to reintegrate and unify back toward a coherent Self.   Through an empowered alignment,  we journey to the heart, where all manner of things arise, and become available for healing.  Your soul is our guide.

Fundamental to my approach is to invite initiation experiences through empathic transmission and resonance of the heart connection (the light body)  as well as other powerful states of consciousness; including a direct experience of Stillness and life force energy.  These states of consciousness hold immense possibility to activate our healing from the inside, and take us beyond our traumatised wounded self, to powerful direct experience aligned with our true nature, and truth.

This is also  a powerful way of cultivating resources for the ongoing emergence of the soul.  Rather than focus on removing what is perceived as ‘wrong’… we remember our-Self which is always here, and which we have simply become disconnected from as a result of trauma and an overwhelmed nervous system.

As we progress in activating our inherent nature, we meet all ‘memory’ (trauma) in contrast and conflict to who we really are.   Stillness in the heart, is the jewel which illuminates and alchemically serves to unify.  The process cultivates the ability to become Sovereign, empowered and present.

The nature of a session unfolds based on what arises in each moment.   As a guide I use empathic awareness and high sense perception to access subconscious/unconscious material which facilitates and supports the return to your unique self, and therefore wholeness.  Integral to this approach is healing at the causal layer, as we travel deeper than what is consciously presenting in the present moment, to the very root  where the trauma first originated.  This includes preconscious trauma,  developmental events such as conception, womb experiences, birth as well as ancestral,  past life and collective imprints (memories).  Ultimately everything originates from emptiness, the absolute… so we cultivate connection with emptiness through the inner experience of stillness.  Stillness is the resolution point, the causal layer of all phenomena.

The work serves to heal and reintegrate, emotional blocks to expression supporting openness and flow, mental phenomena negative mind states (Identity) how we perceive and experience, as well as physical manifestations resulting from the behaviours, and habits which have kept us trapped and  separated from our true self.

Here are some of the pieces that may show up within a session:

  • Heart/soul initiations… light body, emptiness, sexual energy
  • Clearing blocks to receiving/giving love
  • Heal limiting and subconscious belief systems – mind
  • Integrating head, heart and body – clears busy mind
  • Clearing and reintegrate unexpressed or blocked emotional energy
  • Heal conflict in relationships; removing projection and transference
  • Heal unresolved traumatic experiences held in mind, body, emotions, and spirit, at origin
  • expand conscious awareness to reorient perception and experiences
  • Transform your relationship with life