Memory – true or false? – or lessons locked in time

New Paradigm As we open into this new paradigm of a holographic universe, and a world of energy… our perception shifts beyond the world of form, into a more holistic view of an interconnected universe.  Here we can understand more about memory as lessons locked in time, and the journey beyond time, into no time, where we find freedom, interconnection, and magic even.  Here we transcend and embody the lessons of the soul to remember who we are and why we came. As I have explored deeply my inner world I have come to new understandings about memory and particularly how memory is locked in time and entwined with a sense of self (an identification and attachment) and that both shape each other.   In other words, our memory shapes who we think we are, and who we think we are shapes our memory. Attaching to this ‘idea’ of ourselves is the work of our survival instincts, an existential paradox of sorts mistakenly efforting to keep our ego idea alive. Life, [...]

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Can you hear the Truth?

When most of us listen we are actually hearing words through the filter of our mind. Even reading this blog is subjected to this filtering. The mind holds a position, and has an agenda, and it’s trying to fit what it hears into what it already knows so it can get what it wants. It may take a position; for or against, it may be trying to understand in the context of what it already believes. The mind is like a gatekeeper holding onto its ideas and only letting in what it wants, adjusting its understanding, and excluding a whole lot of information. It is trying to maintain a sense of self, an existence, or an ego along with all the stories it has attached to that concept. It is trying to ‘be’ and in so doing is creating a split; an experience of separation, an identity, or a separate little ‘me’. It may even be projecting what it doesn’t like and can’t accept onto others in an effort to [...]

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Embody Truth … where transformation happens

Embody Truth, is just that… it is about fully embodying our energetic sense of self, or feltsense in any given moment, as this is where the truth lives.  And the truth shall set you free!  In this sense truth is the realization of self.  In some way, you could say it is where the soul (spirit) meets the body (matter)... and this integration to unity provides a transformation, which of course includes an expansion of our awareness and sense of self, in the present moment.  In the fullest practice of this, our nervous system evolves to integrate all that is experienced into a sense of wholeness, or a heart centred presence, free from the past and future. Embodiment takes us out of time, into the present moment.  Embodiment also takes us out of duality into oneness (non-dual).  When we embody something completely the illusion dissolves and the truth is realized.  Embodiment requires that the nervous system completes any unfinished business (trauma).   In this there is an innate sovereignty where we [...]

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Sovereignty… who are you… really?

How many of us are actually in charge of the conditions we live under?   We have created a society and system to which we have inadvertently relinquished our sovereignty and the result is we have given away our power to someone or something outside of us. Sometimes this very authority, which was established to serve us, is actually parasitic in nature, and inhibits our fullest potential to live in our power and exercise free choice. We have become enslaved. Lost in our powerlessness we are unable to recognize that we are actually using our own power to create our enslavement.   We are then reacting to this enslavement thereby giving it more power and inhibiting our free and open expression.  We are shaming ourselves with a false ideal of how we think we are supposed to be,  rather than showing up in our own truth in all its raw and wild beauty... unable to be authentic to ourselves. No wonder we feel guilt.  We are guilty of enslaving ourselves. As a [...]

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Beyond Perception… and creating your own reality

What if we could penetrate the veils of our usual beliefs and fixations about what we know, veils that make everything appear,  well how we think they should be.  We all grow up believing that we see the universe as it actually is; we do not suspect that our perception is largely determined by our accumulated beliefs, feelings, past knowledge, and conditioning. How the universe actually is and how it really functions is hidden from our perception. We need to penetrate what is familiar or known,  and open ourselves to the unknown, to the mystery. Then, when we drop into the mystery of the universe in a fresh way, it can be possible to see that the way it functions is exquisite. Our perception is influenced and shaped by a sense of a separate self, which is created from past experiences which are not fully integrated into the nervous system, hence creating more division.  I call this integration through the heart, and back into the nervous system a 'return to [...]

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Drop your identity!

Announcing the release of the long awaited (by some) level 3 workshop. The work includes using Advanced Consciousness Unification Process which is powerful for healing Preconscious trauma.   Preconscious trauma includes anything unresolved which happened before the age of 2, in utero, at conception, ancestral and past life. Working with energetic structures, I am calling Outside Influences.  These structures are created out of trauma when we project thoughts, ideas and concepts on the world/institutions/people, etc  outside of us, and then react  to our own projection.    This creates a huge loss of Sovereignty and therefore power and prevents our ability to stand in our truth and be authentic.  We explore and heal this through a variety of process, firstly to actually 'see' the structures we create which are often hidden from our awareness, so working with guarding trauma and reclaiming our power is a big part.  We look at the mechanisms that create Outside Influences, and how first our trauma neurology, habit and character is shaped from them.  Ultimately we will work [...]

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Announcing the new Exceptional Healer Program

This program is developed for those wishing to use the Embody Truth method and techniques for supporting the healing, and spiritual journey of themselves as well as others.  The prerequisite requires attendance in the first 3 levels of the work 'Sacred Alchemy to Embody your Soul'.  It is ideal for both those already practicing in the healing arts or those wishing to begin the journey. The work uses energy healing methods to support the guidance and healing of another.  It is recognized that 'healing happens through grace', and it is expected that those who undertake the Exceptional Healer Program, will be walking the talk in their own lives.  The journey of healing is merely an entrance into the journey of the soul, into the full realization of who we are beyond the ego, beyond the dualistic tendency of the mind.

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A state of grace, is where true healing happens

When we meet the direct experience of each moment, and surrender completely into it without agenda,  we drop into a non-dual experience. No little me separate from my experience.  Here we become merged, or 'one' with the moment, completely surrendered in it.  That is a state of grace, and that is where healing happens.  In this moment, all that is not true dissolves. For many years I resisted doing 'healing' work.  Some part of me knew that it wasn't me that healed, and I was truly scared of 'my ego' taking on another identity 'the healer' which held the responsibility of healing someone else. Finally the call was very strong and I realized that my very own salvation required that I step toward this work.  I learned the hard way how the power to heal was not 'mine' and that I should remain unattached to an outcome to heal anyone.  Now it is easy, as 'I' don't need to do anything.  Anything I might do, would be in the way. [...]

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Ubud, Bali – The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart 1-10th July 2014

When we move Awareness to the Heart, we literally transform our life, our relationships and the way we perceive the world. Begin or continue the journey to discover ‘who you are’! When we move our Awareness to our belly/womb we connect with the force of nature herself, the divine feminine, where we can rest and be and all that is required becomes manifest to support us. When we become whole we integrate love and power to serve the world through our minds where the full alignment of ‘thoughts, words and actions’ is the completion of the soul’s journey into the human form.   When we speak or act from this place we have the support of the whole Universe:  Indeed  Heaven on Earth. Bali for me is a magical place where the feminine energy is strong, and manifestation and magical synchronicity abounds.  What better place to do this exploration together, within our  own beings and out there… in Ubud. Join me for 10 magical days on a ‘do it yourself retreat’.  Half [...]

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Understanding Overwhelm, and reclaiming your power through the guidance of your soul.Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Stop, breathe, connect to yourself... becoming busy to avoid this is only going to make it worse; your soul is calling, it has something to tell you, and you are not listening.... The glamorization of busy is an epidemic in our modern world. Overwhelm is inherently a lack of integration in our nervous system. The cause is likely to be a blend of unresolved past experiences, trauma, something you are not attending to because you haven’t felt all the feelings that would integrate the nervous system. You are stuck unwilling to take a step and make a change. You are also disconnected from your soul. The material behind overwhelm is something your soul is calling you to attend to. Unattended, it runs, or ruins, your life. Integrated it reconnects you to your soul’s purpose and a state of well-being. Overwhelm is an opportunity! Most people, who feel overwhelmed, tend to keep going, keep pushing, they get busier until… they can’t. With overwhelm, it is like the list of things to [...]

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