Announcing the release of the long awaited (by some) level 3 workshop.
The work includes using Advanced Consciousness Unification Process which is powerful for healing Preconscious trauma.   Preconscious trauma includes anything unresolved which happened before the age of 2, in utero, at conception, ancestral and past life.

Working with energetic structures, I am calling Outside Influences.  These structures are created out of trauma when we project thoughts, ideas and concepts on the world/institutions/people, etc  outside of us, and then react  to our own projection.    This creates a huge loss of Sovereignty and therefore power and prevents our ability to stand in our truth and be authentic.  We explore and heal this through a variety of process, firstly to actually ‘see’ the structures we create which are often hidden from our awareness, so working with guarding trauma and reclaiming our power is a big part.  We look at the mechanisms that create Outside Influences, and how first our trauma neurology, habit and character is shaped from them.  Ultimately we will work with embodying identity structures in order to clear identity; the neurology of the egoic concepts of ‘who am I’.  This is a powerful rapid way of clearing clusters of traumatic material which is way beyond healing a single issue.  The work is highly transformative and requires the early work of Level 1 and 2, in order to support the required level of Sovereignty and accessibility to the feltsence.  The feltsense holds the imprints of all experiences that have happened to us that were not turned to love.  Or another way of saying this,  is that all the experiences that the nervous system was not able to integrate.  In addition to clearing identity we include working with archetypal energies.

Clearing identity begs the question ‘who am I?’.  As we do this work we are developing pathways into the direct experience of the unchanging and fundamental reality, emptiness. Ultimately, it becomes easier to access this level of experience and remain here.  Here we have the possibility to live with an ability to respond directly to life without the influence of past experience or the desires for future outcomes.  We have a possibility to live in the present moment in a place of freedom.

The level 3 workshop also  teaches us to merge consciousness, a way of mastering our empathic and intuitive energies to support the healing of others.  Through this facility we can induce and copy deeper Sovereign states of consciousness through transmission and guidance to facilitate the healing others.  The work of understanding the nature of consciousness, the nature of experience and perception leads us into the skill required to become an Exceptional Healer.  This workshop supports those wishing to add to their existing healing repertoire or stands alone for those wishing to support others on their healing journey.  Healing is now understood to happen through grace and through direct experience of truth, and therefore those wishing to undertake this journ