About Leanora


I was born in Africa and grew up on a farm, since then I have had a diverse and rich journey living in 7 different countries with a variety of careers.  I truly feel that planet earth is my home, without any division or borders.  I have recently completed an eco house build project in Ubud, Bali, which is now my home base to return to and replenish. My soul continues to feel a call to France and I am holding possibilities for that next step, tuning in to soul guidance.   I have had numerous lives within this one, including working in London, then California first in administration, then  technology support and teaching in the IT industry, systems analysis and development, database design,  sales,  product marketing, and also management.  In New Zealand I started out in a high paying high profile IT job, until my own spiritual emergence propelled my journey in a different direction.   I became engaged in a land based community living a sustainable and permaculture life style within a committed relationship, on a beautiful island. I endeavoured to co-create community farms and gardens and I developed a sustainable business based on growing lavender essential oil, and organic skin care,  I co-built an eco house, co-managed a large sustainable food, herb garden of about an acre in size including an orchard, taught permaculture, and was an alchemist in the kitchen and an artist in my spare time.  As my own healing kicked in I began to guide and teach others.  I love adventures.   I am the founder and creator of the Embody Truth.

My own  journey with healing began in 1991, with a spiritual emergence, and subsequently a variety of resulting health issues. I explored a vast and numerous array of healing  methods and recovered from chronic fatigue, PTSD, multiple chemical sensitivities, neuralgia, migraine, allergies and a whole host of other complaints. The nature of much of my trauma was pre-conscious implicit memories, and this is an area I have studied, and explored deeply. It includes transpersonal; ancestral and collective energy fields, along with conception, womb and birth trauma,  ultimately healing at the causal layer.  However, while what I studied inspired my journey, and my journey inspired what I studied…  nothing I ever knew healed anything.  I found that true healing requires an ability to discern what we are responsible for (what I call Sovereignty) and the capacity to cultivate and  surrender into what is expressing within the present moment unconditionally,  while aligned with a willingness to become completely new.  Living this way, is freedom, as we surrender any sense of identity (fixed position)  to become our trues self.


Embody Truth is my unique expression and the culmination of my life’s journey, into a state of coherence.  It is my raison d’être and my joy to share it.  It offers deep healing and realignment and naturally creates a soul tribe.  As it evolved I held a quest to realise what was missing from Healing and Spirituality.   I found trauma healing generally to be powerful and yet limited as it was held within a framework of duality.  I found spiritual teachings not specific enough in the how-to methodology of realisation and often limited to a masculine approach of attaining a state of non-duality (I am) and somehow ignoring life, movement and the dynamic engagement in vulnerability; a more feminine approach. Ultimately this led to a top down (healing trauma) and bottom up (cultivating stillness) approach. I feel this body of work is a unique, powerful  and balanced synthesis of what is called for in our evolution currently requiring a total paradigm shift in our relationship with Self, other, and the planet.


It is most valuable for those wishing to work with me, to have a deep level of commitment to their own journey, and to establish and fine tune a daily practice that can serve that journey well.  These pieces are fundamental to your own empowerment and thus your success.  This work is not at the level of the psyche it is deep soul work, and as such it is your own direct and intimate experiences which will unravel the path and the possibilities for becoming fully coherent.

My current offerings include one-on-one sessions (online), couples sessions, and ongoing online subscriptions which include training, session work, guided meditations, a variety of exercises, diad work, opportunities to learn through conscious conversation and  a co-creative exploration of what is arising to be integrated.

Once or twice a year I may invite you to share  Sacred Journeys to ancient and sacred places which support a deeper opportunity to discover through resonance who we are, and why we are here.  So far there have been 3 journeys in France and recently one in Egypt… and several in Bali.

I have taught in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France,  Sweden, Indonesia and Italy…I’m a bit over running around and travel, however, you can organise interviews and explore other possibilities online.  at embodytruth@gmail.com