About Leanora


I was born in Africa and grew up on a farm, since then I have had a diverse and rich journey living in 7 different countries with a variety of careers.  I truly feel that planet earth is my home, without any division or borders.  I have recently completed an eco house build project in Ubud, Bali, where I live. I’ve had a rich and varied array of experiences, including working in London, then California  in the IT industry. In New Zealand I started out in a high paying high profile IT job, until my own spiritual emergence in 1991 propelled my journey in a different direction.   I became engaged in a land based community living a sustainable and permaculture life style within a committed relationship, on a beautiful island. I endeavoured to co-create community farms and gardens and I developed a sustainable business based on growing lavender essential oil, and organic skin care,  I co-built an eco house, co-managed a large sustainable food, herb garden of about an acre in size including an orchard. I also taught permaculture, and was an alchemist in the kitchen and an artist in my spare time.  As my own healing kicked in it became important to share with others.  In 2009 I began to guide and empower others into the mystery.  My own awakening and life journey has enabled the creation of the Embody Truth method and maps.  It is my purpose and passion to share it.

My own  journey with healing began in 1991, with a spiritual emergence, and subsequently a variety of resulting health issues. I explored a vast and numerous array of healing  methods and recovered from chronic fatigue, PTSD, multiple chemical sensitivities, neuralgia, migraine, allergies and a whole host of other complaints. I became a meditator. The nature of much of my trauma was pre-conscious implicit memories, along with hidden freeze, shutdown immobility and identity created from that.. illness being an expression of it.   It includes transpersonal; ancestral and collective energy fields, along with conception, womb and birth trauma,  ultimately healing at the causal layer.

Through the years, this practice of Sovereignty continued to develop the capacity to cultivate and  surrender into what is expressing within the present moment unconditionally,  while aligned with a willingness to become completely new.  I resonate most deeply with the feminine, or water path… of devotion to the beloved of complete surrender… the dance of the Mystic.

Over the last few years I entered what might be called the second dark night of the soul.  Working through healing vision problems with my eyesight, I discovered the roots of perception which were holding separation from my body.  While healing my eyesight was most valuable the real gift, was clearing my vision channels of perception.  Embodying the witness, enabled a clear connection to the feminine revealing hidden wounds (created from preconscious trauma) and an entropy or disease state which had been hidden or excluded from the ‘position’ I held as witness.  This lack of information, or hidden traumatic material, I believe to be the root cause of disease.  Interestingly the recent release of information based on 30 years of research on ageing, by David Sinclair, has arrived at similar