About Leanora

Leanora is the founder of Embody Truth. I am passionate about the synergy to be found between Spirituality and Trauma Healing. Embody Truth is my unique expression of a powerful journey of healing, integration and embodiment which was initiated in an Awakening experience in 1991. For the last 10 years I've been sharing this work directly with both individuals and groups.

The ego versus hopelessness

The ego versus hopelessness.   The ego is so easily manipulated. It thrives on looking, desiring, wanting 'something' it cannot find. It thrives on avoiding what it doesn't like or want. And yet... what is this thing we call ego? Locked up in an existential crises; ego is trying to exist against all odds... it is a ghost, an idea, at best a concept. Yet this mish mash of neurological wiring which creates a 'sense of self' is holding all the power if you attach and align with it. And so. . . in a hidden despair the ego avoiding hopeless may be trying. Many people are running around awakening, doing workshops, finding the light, getting their feminine to rise. . . Good on them? And many are marketing great promises of success, unlocking emotions, smarter minds, happiness, love, peace, relationship promises etc. Ego's are so drawn to these and lots of money may exchange hands as a result. They may even help, to a point ! Yet [...]

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Authentic relating with truth as a portal to intimacy and healing

Authentic relating as a path to awakening. I find it wonderfully transformational, if I get to notice through a direct experience of it, how the subconscious mind (the body) responds to what I am speaking. It's also equally important for me to notice what is being heard in my inner experience, when I am listening to someone. The power of the subconscious mind I find authentic relating requires a deeper subconscious level of information. For example, when I hear a story I am also formulating another story within me (what I think I heard).   If I am not noticing the subconscious material, then I am actually listening through a filtering system (perception).  It's not possible for me to hear the truth, this way.  How I perceive is being filtered through what I already know. How I perceive therefore is  limiting my ability to take in new information, and find new meaning. When I am present I become aware of past unresolved experiences, unexpressed emotions, beliefs [...]

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Memory – true or false? – or lessons locked in time

New Paradigm As we open into this new paradigm of a holographic universe, and a world of energy… our perception shifts beyond the world of form, into a more holistic view of an interconnected universe.  Here we can understand more about memory as lessons locked in time, and the journey beyond time, into no time, where we find freedom, interconnection, and magic even.  Here we transcend and embody the lessons of the soul to remember who we are and why we came. Within a unified field theory, where it is all energy at different frequencies, memory is a different frequency warping space time.  It is 'stored' on the fabric of spacetime (or space memory).  Without time there is no memory.  We are merely entangled with that density unconsciously.  The sense of self is a powerful doorway for releasing us from this entanglement. As I have explored deeply my inner world I have come to understandings about memory and particularly how memory is locked in time and entwined with a sense [...]

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Can you hear the Truth?

When most of us listen we are actually hearing words through the filter of our mind. Even reading this blog is subjected to this filtering. The mind holds a position, and has an agenda, and it’s trying to fit what it hears into what it already knows so it can get what it wants. It may take a position; for or against, it may be trying to understand in the context of what it already believes. The mind is like a gatekeeper holding onto its ideas and only letting in what it wants, adjusting its understanding, and excluding a whole lot of information. It is trying to maintain a sense of self, an existence, or an ego along with all the stories it has attached to that concept. It is trying to ‘be’ and in so doing is creating a split; an experience of separation, an identity, or a separate little ‘me’. It may even be projecting what it doesn’t like and can’t accept onto others in an effort to [...]

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Embody Truth … where transformation happens

Embody Truth, is just that… it is about fully embodying our energetic sense of self, or feltsense in any given moment, as this is where the truth lives.  And the truth shall set you free!  In this sense truth is the realization of self.  In some way, you could say it is where the soul (spirit) meets the body (matter)... and this integration to unity provides a transformation, which of course includes an expansion of our awareness and sense of self, in the present moment.  In the fullest practice of this, our nervous system evolves to integrate all that is experienced into a sense of wholeness, or a heart centred presence, free from the past and future. Embodiment takes us out of time, into the present moment.  Embodiment also takes us out of duality into oneness (non-dual).  When we embody something completely the illusion dissolves and the truth is realized.  Embodiment requires that the nervous system completes any unfinished business (trauma).   In this there is an innate sovereignty where we [...]

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Sovereignty… who are you… really?

How might it be to have the capacity of sentience (to feel), to know with an unshakable divine intelligence and to have agency to act out of love?  How might it be to make choices which are omni-positive?  That is Sovereignty. The more common and collective theme, I have become aware of in my own journey into Heart Centred Sovereignty follows.  This journey has required me to stand alone sometimes, to regulate my nervous system, to recalibrate, so that I could become resilient and adaptive.  It has required me to stand my ground, in truth, in order to co-regulate my nervous system out of collapse and co-dependency.  Sovereignty is a state of consciousness, and an ongoing process of growing. How many of us are actually in charge of the conditions we live under?   We have created a society and system to which we have inadvertently relinquished our sovereignty and the result is we have given away our power to someone or something outside of us. We have lost authorship of [...]

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Beyond Perception… and creating your own reality

What if we could penetrate the veils of our usual beliefs and fixations about what we know, veils that make everything appear,  well how we think they should be.  We all grow up believing that we see the universe as it actually is; we do not suspect that our perception is largely determined by our accumulated beliefs, feelings, past knowledge, and conditioning. How the universe actually is and how it really functions is hidden from our perception. We need to penetrate what is familiar or known,  and open ourselves to the unknown, to the mystery. Then, when we drop into the mystery of the universe in a fresh way, it can be possible to see that the way it functions is exquisite. Our perception is influenced and shaped by a sense of a separate self, which is created from past experiences which are not fully integrated into the nervous system, hence creating more division.  I call this integration through the heart, and back into the nervous system a 'return to [...]

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