Embody Truth, is just that… it is about fully embodying our energetic sense of self, or feltsense in any given moment, as this is where the truth lives.  And the truth shall set you free!  In this sense truth is the realization of self.  In some way, you could say it is where the soul (spirit) meets the body (matter)… and this integration to unity provides a transformation, which of course includes an expansion of our awareness and sense of self, in the present moment.  In the fullest practice of this, our nervous system evolves to integrate all that is experienced into a sense of wholeness, or a heart centred presence, free from the past and future. Embodiment takes us out of time, into the present moment.  Embodiment also takes us out of duality into oneness (non-dual).  When we embody something completely the illusion dissolves and the truth is realized.  Embodiment requires that the nervous system completes any unfinished business (trauma).   In this there is an innate sovereignty where we reclaim our power by reowning our projections, by becoming 100% responsible for our experience.

This is an integral approach.  Our sense of self is not an idea in the mind of who we are.  Our sense of self is an energetic in-body experience of our own source energy,  or our subconscious mind.  It is said that the subconscious mind process 40,000 pieces of information a minute.  The conscious mind only processes 40.  Embodiment is about making the subconscious conscious.