New Paradigm

As we open into this new paradigm of a holographic universe, and a world of energy… our perception shifts beyond the world of form, into a more holistic view of an interconnected universe.  Here we can understand more about memory as lessons locked in time, and the journey beyond time, into no time, where we find freedom, interconnection, and magic even.  Here we transcend and embody the lessons of the soul to remember who we are and why we came. Within a unified field theory, where it is all energy at different frequencies, memory is a different frequency warping space time.  It is ‘stored’ on the fabric of spacetime (or space memory).  Without time there is no memory.  We are merely entangled with that density unconsciously.  The sense of self is a powerful doorway for releasing us from this entanglement.

As I have explored deeply my inner world I have come to understandings about memory and particularly how memory is locked in time and entwined with a sense of self (an identification and attachment) and that both shape each other.   In other words, our memory shapes who we think we are, and who we think we are shapes our memory. Attaching to this ‘idea’ of ourselves is the work of our survival instincts, an existential paradox of sorts mistakenly efforting to keep our ego idea alive. Life, however,  can never be fixed in time, can never be frozen into an idea.   Through healing, I have learned that both memory and ‘who I think I am’ is dynamic and not fixed….  and this puts a radically different spin on life. As we unlock these memories we also collapse time, and can return again and again to a state of presence, without a past or future… the eternal NOW!  We can continually become empty of memory, and thus time.  This allows both integration, unification and freedom to express from divinity itself as a unique singularity.  Something well worth paying attention to if you are here to live the best life, be yourself, co-create, and fully acknowledge the gift you’ve been given; being here to express your soul’s purpose.

The status quo – or old paradigm

Most people seem to take for granted what they remember and treat it as true and even static (unchangeable). Memories tend to be mental and declarative… ‘I had dinner with Fred on Sunday’.  We are often unaware how others affect our memory and how our memory shifts and changes.  Yet with healing through grace we are also unfolding and clearing memories, yes actually changing the past, though accessing the present moment.  Here we can truly forgive and forget as the memory or the subconscious energy which creates it… potentially alchemically disappears.  Where? Back to Source… to the infinite ground from which all manifestation arise.  What is possible is within any creation into form, manifestation need not arise in separation from source.  It is an infinite birthing and dying between form and formless. We can be both our unique Self and One with all at the same time… that is in the eternal NOW.

In considering memory through the exploration of the felt sense we come to experience it as an energetic sensation in the body… this discovery allows it to become conscious, so the energy is actually revealing its message, the story perhaps, an emotion or feeling. This conscious connection is what transforms the memory.  Each time we ‘touch’ a memory in this way or even share it with someone it changes the memory and the sense of self, albeit in a subtle way.  Who we share it with, and their reaction to it, also changes it.  For healing the healer or guide would ideally be ‘listening’ (empathically intuiting) from a state of consciousness (non-dual) which holds the vibration of stillness and empty… this supports the memory to reveal itself without interference (or agenda), here it will dissolve or drop deeper through layers of memories in toward its origin.  The origin of everything is always emptiness… but that’s another article.

Some research has shown . . . the creation of false memory

Memory researcher and psychologist Elizabeth F. Loftus (ted talk) of the University of California, Irvine, says ‘Even questioning by a lawyer can alter the witness’s testimony because fragments of the memory may unknowingly be combined with information provided by the questioner, leading to inaccurate recall.’

Many researchers have created false memories in normal individuals; what is more, many of these subjects are certain that the memories are real.

Studies have further shown that the psychotherapeutic process itself can alter memory, and in many situations this may be a detriment to the healing process. Loftus is renowned for studies that illustrate how stress, fear, and the desire to please, and to avoid conflict, are all factors, which may lead to a false memory.

This memory unreliability (false memory) is critical in a witness line up, where several eye witness might pick the wrong person who may then be wrongly accused and perhaps imprisoned, or worse as a result.  It turns out that this is more common that you might imagine.

What is relevant here is the power we give to our memory as it shapes who we think we are, our sense of self, and therefore how we react or respond to life.



We create our own reality

As we recognize the energy resonance of memories through feeling into them, we can understand how we create our own reality and how patterns repeat in our life. As we deepen into the vibration of a memory we can drop through layers, like a string of past memories which are coalesced into this vibration.  The frequency of the vibration of traumatic memories magnetizes similar frequencies into our life… automatically bringing us opportunities to clear the memory through re-experiencing it again.  The universe is infinitely forgiving!

Recent studies have succeeded with implanting new stem cells to wipe out the traumatic memories in people with MS to clear the disease from the person.

Our sense of self can also be found through a direct experience into the felt sense, in the soma (body) through the portal of the present moment … and through feeling into a sense of ‘I’ or ‘me’.  In this exploration we may find many different ‘flavours’ of energy which can be quite subtle to notice at first, as we are more used to looking through them, rather than noticing them by feeling into them.  When we look through a vibration we are seeing the world through it, projecting it out, which is also an act of creation. It looks real, and often we may even be in reaction to this projection wanting the world outside to change, when all the while not owning our own soul and realizing our own power of creation.  Many meditators and meditation methods are not exploring this deeply and thus fall into the duality of separation between the meditator (perceiver) and the experience.  Here we are exploring perception itself… ‘who’ is looking? Or the age old spiritual question ‘who am I?’

I have worked with clients and seen this in action.  As an example; I worked with someone who was stuck in a belief about being an incest victim, and who had spent years in therapy giving attention and effort toward healing it. I was open and not attached to whether her story was true or a belief… to me this is not relevant. I work at a deeper level.  On her journey each ‘healer’ inadvertently helped reaffirm the story and thus her identification with the position (incest victim)… and thus her suffering and desire for resolution and healing.  In our journeys together initially there was a grasping at memories, vague as they were in the hope of finding resolution, yet all the while also actively creating and adding fuel to the sense of self as incest victim and potentially creating ‘false memory’ by so doing. There was also the projection on me as someone who could heal it all… and therefore a passive sort of non-engagement filled with hope and expectation.  As we moved through this material and into exploring the sense of self, a powerful realization became available… there was no way to really know, and there was no need to really know, and that the present moment, after letting that go, was full of joy and potential.   Seeing both the ‘memory’  and the sense of self (the vibration of the incest victim) are necessary to collapse the structure and return to freedom.   Hallelujah!

Most memories may remain unconscious, creating a sense of self which holds a story, and thus a position.  Many memories can be traumatic in nature, and embodying (becoming one with) the sense of self, is a powerful way to clear memories and reintegrate the sense of self to its origin (this work is part of the identity work, found in the workshop I offer called ‘Integrating the Divided Self’).  Being free of memories in this way, and the identities shaped from them is the way to freedom, and emptiness.  It takes us out of time and into the eternal now.

Space Memory

Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Foundation is a pioneering mathematician and physicist who has bridged the gap between science and spirituality in his vast and comprehensive research through which he has developed equations which support the recognition of a Connected Universe (check out his documentary of the name) which include how we create our own reality.  When I studied with him some years ago, I was so thrilled to see how his work truly supported my own understanding arrived at through the ongoing exploration of consciousness, identity, trauma and all that arises in the felt sense in order to heal myself and realize who I am.  One thing I loved was that he renamed the concept of space time… and called it space memory.  What he says is that without memory, there is no time.  If we had no memory of that last moment, then we would not have time there would be no past, and therefore no future.  What I could add to this is that we would also not have a sense of self, we would be empty of self, or at home in ‘no self’.   As we resolve our memories (integrate them back out of time, into the present moment), we find ‘Heaven on Earth’ and the eternal now… empty of self, and thus full of potential for creating from freedom. The mind surely boggles at this possibility!

Ultimately beneath our memories is the fabric of the universe, the ground of being… where all is undifferentiated potential, infinitely and powerfully available through the portal of the present moment to manifest in form through our conscious creation.  This is the vibration of unconditional love.

Memory holds an energetic vibration in your field, which is constantly expressing in a dynamic feedback feedforward loop with everyone and everything else, shaping your world and your reaction to it, and potentially dynamically reshaping your memory and thus how you perceive and experience life.  One might well ask: ‘what is truth?’

I want to share this because what is important here is you are not who you think you are.  You are not what happened to you.  And . . .   It is your soul’s purpose to find out who you really are.


Journeys  through memory vibrations

When I work with clients and bump into a memory in this way, we may arrive in an experience where a person feels restless for example.  As we embody and explore with openness and curiosity the feltsense of restless, we can fall into a memory that is related, or even drop straight into another feltsense.  Restless may become bored.  Bored may become numb.  Numb may become tingling … etc.  Some of the feelings senses we arrive in may be very subtle and may not even have a specific conscious remembering tied to it. It is purely that the body remembers. I have found journeying through conscious memory takes us into subconscious, unconscious, preconscious, ancestral, past life and even collective memories.   Our field holds the energetic imprints of anything which has happened to us (memory), which isn’t realized back into the heart/love (emptiness)… for example anything which wasn’t felt in the presence of love…. No matter where it came from.    As we follow the unfolding path in grace, an alchemy naturally arises transforming memory as we go…  each ‘seeing’ is a reconnecting, a reintegration or a remembering of Self. … back to love in the heart.  When we reintegrate all the separate selves, we will ultimately arrive in the experience of our true self. Each time we move into and through an experience we are actually clearing it from our field, and our sense of self will change alongside this unfolding. Its an amazing, magical and ongoing journey of discovery!

We can also see this process as ego death and rebirth.  I recently worked with a client who due to health circumstances had very little resistance and a deep willingness to let go.  In the middle of the night, after one of our sessions, he reported that he woke up and held a deep connection to stillness as he watched all sorts of previously subconscious material (of which he was not proud) pass through his field of awareness.  He held steady in the stillness and silence rather than being pulled off centre by the memories….a bit like a life review, or reconciliation.  This is true forgiveness as through staying centered and oriented in true self has the power to transform memories even at this rapid speed.  It has a lot to do with the willingness to let the ego die, and this is no big deal when you know who you are as emptiness.  At the end he felt quite different.

Clearing memory or trauma in this way is true healing, it totally transforms who we are and our relationship with life.  Our perception shifts, and therefore our experience of life shifts with it.  We are no longer looking through the filter of the memory, or resonating its vibration into the world… as it has been brought back into consciousness, resolved and integrated.

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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