When we meet the direct experience of each moment, and surrender completely into it without agenda,  we drop into a non-dual experience. No little me separate from my experience.  Here we become merged, or ‘one’ with the moment, completely surrendered in it.  That is a state of grace, and that is where healing happens.  In this moment, all that is not true dissolves.

For many years I resisted doing ‘healing’ work.  Some part of me knew that it wasn’t me that healed, and I was truly scared of ‘my ego’ taking on another identity ‘the healer’ which held the responsibility of healing someone else. Finally the call was very strong and I realized that my very own salvation required that I step toward this work.  I learned the hard way how the power to heal was not ‘mine’ and that I should remain unattached to an outcome to heal anyone.  Now it is easy, as ‘I’ don’t need to do anything.  Anything I might do, would be in the way.

The power to heal comes from a state of grace.  There is a force beyond us that we can surrender into.  Our task to heal, and our task in life, is to cultivate a state of grace.  My task has been to purely hold a deep level of stillness, unshakeable, and sit with my awareness absorbed in the core of the heart… I call this sovereignty.  Being Sovereign creates an energetic field, which guides and powerfully supports others to connect to their own sovereignty.  It is a field where lies dissolve.    Our power to heal is amplified when we have a conscious witness.  From this place I watch (sense) what is being experienced, merely guiding my clients/students into a state of grace.  I am automatically intuitive and empathically aware.   It is here, without agenda,  that we can meet the direct experience of our own truth, where the lies, limitations, subconscious beliefs, and confusions of self are all exposed.  When a lie dissolves, it is like a part of you dies, an ego death.  With that death comes an expansion of consciousness, a realization, and a new experience and new way of perceiving the world and interacting in it.

We are a dynamic,  flowing ever changing mystery.  Dying in each moment into the truth. Born in each moment to express from that truth.

The ingredients to achieve a state of grace require sovereignty; this is a way of determining what is ‘me’ and connecting to the whole energy field of ‘me’,  rather than perceiving from a conscious awareness which is commonly head centered.  Sovereignty is aware of the whole field, and heart centered.  This is indeed a sacred connection, the connection to your own soul.  In other words it is a way of connecting with the subconscious mind, in the body.   At deeper levels, we are connecting with the unconscious mind, which usually lies  beyond the normal perceptual experience of the 3rd dimension.  When we heal ourselves, therefore, we are healing the collective field also.

A state of grace requires a quality of presence which embodies, openness, willingness, curiosity, innocence  and sincerity.

This is a deep and total surrender beyond yourself.  Without agenda we show up to see the truth.  This requires courage;  we are showing up to die.  To die to everything you know that limits you,  as this is what creates you, so in this place you are uncreating in a dynamic way, who you thought you were, and returning to source, to grace, where those ideas dissolve.   In this non-dual way there is no perceiver separate from experience.  Experience is experiencing itself.

As we heal ourselves in this dynamic non-dual way, we are automatically guided to live a more spiritual, integrated and whole life where we are cultivating a state of grace as a way of becoming new, in each moment.  That is freedom.

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