When we meet the direct experience of each moment, and surrender completely into it without agenda,  we drop into a non-dual experience. No little me separate from my experience.  Here we become merged, or ‘one’ with the moment, completely surrendered in it.  That is a state of grace, and that is where healing happens.  In this moment, all that is not true dissolves.

For many years I resisted doing ‘healing’ work.  Some part of me knew that it wasn’t me that healed, and I was truly scared of ‘my ego’ taking on another identity ‘the healer’ which held the responsibility of healing someone else. Finally the call was very strong and I realized that my very own salvation required that I step toward this work.  I learned the hard way how the power to heal was not ‘mine’ and that I should remain unattached to an outcome to heal anyone.  Now it is easy, as ‘I’ don’t need to do anything.  Anything I might do, would be in the way.

The power to heal comes from a state of grace.  There is a force beyond us that we can surrender into.  Our task to heal, and our task in life, is to cultivate a state of grace.  My task has been to purely hold a deep level of stillness, unshakeable, and sit with my awareness absorbed in the core of the heart… I call this sovereignty.  Being Sovereign creates an energetic field, which guides and powerfully supports others to connect to their own sovereignty.  It is a field where lies dissolve.    Our power to heal is amplified when we have a conscious witness.  From this place I watch (sense) what is being experienced, merely guiding my clients/students into a state of grace.  I am automatically intuitive and empathically aware.   It is here, without agenda,  that we can meet the direct experience of our ow