What you’re seeking, is seeking you… Rumi

Our true nature is already here within us, patiently waiting for us to connect with it, unfold into it and then live and express it. You can access your core essence through your own heart, and the elements you might find include, love, joy, peace, wisdom, compassion, playfulness, connection, creativity, innocence, and light.

For most people it is easy to be guided and then learn to access this part of themselves any time they want. This process can have a powerful and life changing affect for many people, yet for a few, it may connect them with subconscious traumatic material which is in the way of the experience, and also in the way of being able to give and receive love easily. In this case the focus moves to healing the subconscious blocks to experiencing your core essence, this may require a variety of process all provided within the training courses, or through healing sessions and practices.  Whatever arises, on the sacred journey to the heart, is a gift be it love and light, or the gateway experience which will reunite you with the love and the light.

With Embody Truth, to start with, we access core essence energy through a state of sovereignty. This allows our nervous system and neurology to reorient our sense of self, toward reclaiming these experiences as part of who we are. This energy reclaimed, starts to shift our sense of self away from ‘me and my story’, where our perception is oriented commonly from the ‘head’ where we find division; me and other,  or me in reaction to someone or something.  Sovereignty takes us toward a sense of self grounded in  the heart space; where we can find wholeness and reintegration, and of course love and gratitude. As we work at deeper levels you continue to develop an integrated sense of well-being which ultimately becomes your natural state and foundational experience to life.

Embody Truth gives as much attention to cultivating this sense of self as a resource, so that it becomes our default state of consciousness, as it does to ‘healing trauma’.  Through cultivating access to this place we develop heart coherence, and an unconditioned mind.  This is the self we’ve been looking for, all the time waiting, underneath the illusions, beliefs, ideas and concepts we have had about who we are.  It is a remembering, of a place where we are aware of the unified nature of reality while at the same time feeling our uniqueness . . .it is a multi-dimensional beingness.

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